Analytical Chemistry and Traslational Pharmacology

Analytical Chemistry and Traslational Pharmacology

The activities of the Analytical Chemistry and Translational Pharmacology Facility, established in January 2018, is branched throught two main laboratories:

The Analytical Chemistry Laboratory aims to support the whole IIT Network in advanced research projects in the fields of Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Biochemistry. Our laboratory is able to perform  Mass Spectrometry and NMR analyses.
We offer state-of-the-art instrumentation and expertise for the identification, purification, characterization and quantification of many different classes of chemical compounds from the most diverse matrices. Our staff can provide three major areas of expertise:

  • Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics activities needed for the progression of drug discovery projects
  • Advanced structural elucidation of chemical compounds
  • Proteomics and metabolomics studies aiming at elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying pathophysiological states and at identifying disease biomarkers

The Traslational Pharmacology Laboratory have an extensive in-house experience in validating rodent models. Our Laboratory is skilled in the identification, development, validation, conduction and analysis of animals’ efficacy studies. Our staff assists researchers in the design, execution, data analysis and interpretation of the in vivo models. We are equipped with specific behavioral instruments (for examples metabolic cages, analgesic meter, plantar test devices, motor-coordination measure systems) and we also provide support in execution of pharmacokinetics, neurodegeneration, pain and inflammation studies.