IIT has established a number of Joint Laboratories with major international companies and R&D entities. In these laboratories a scientific and technological road map is developed jointly by IIT scientists and the R&D staff of the partner institutions.

INAIL - IIT Rehab Technologies


Joint Lab created in December 2013 through an agreement between IIT and INAIL for the development and implementation of new prosthetic , orthotic and rehabilitation devices of high technological impact. Duration: 3 years.



nikon iit logo

The Nikon Imaging Centre at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (NIC@IIT) is a core facility for light microscopy developed in partnership with Nikon Instruments Italy. The NIC@IIT addresses the need of a wide community of scientists and professionals both at national and international level. Duration: 3 years.




Joint lab created in collaboration with Moog, world leading company focused on precision control components and systems, works on the development of next-generation actuation and control technologies for autonomous robots. IIT and Moog will work together to develop the required technologies to push autonomous robots into real-world applications and the market. Duration: 3 years.



crestoptics logo

Joint Lab created in December 2014 for the development of new microscopy techniques. Duration: 2 years.




Joint Lab created in June 2014 for the expansion of technology transfer activities in the graphene field thanks to the expertise of the company in the large scale production of graphene nanoplatelets. Duration: 2 years.



novacart logo

Joint Lab created in 2016 for the development of novel materials, the modification of cellulosic substrates, the optimization of industrial technologies and for the production of biocompatible/biodegradable food grade containers with enhanced performances. Duration: 5 years.


IBM logo

Created in 2017 for enabling IIT’s robots to work smoothly in everyday scenarios in various domains like medical/hospital helper, shopping mall or airport information provider and home assistant.


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The company is a market leader in the production of components for industrial automation, particularly the pneumatics automation for possible applications in the areas of life science, health and the textile industry. During the first year the joint lab activities are going to focus on automation and new materials developing high-value solutions such as the design of electromagnetic actuators for electrovalves, the production of conductive and durable seals and the manufacturing of tactile sensors for pneumatic pliers.
Duration: 5 years.