One of the IIT’s primary targets is to transfer the results of its own technology research to the productive fabric. In order to achieve this goal IIT promotes commercial agreements with entities or external institutions whose objectives must be consistent with some key-criteria jointly evaluated by the Research Line, by the Technology Transfer and by the Scientific Direction of the Foundation.

A Commercial agreement comprehends scientific activities commissioned by third parties (Companies, public or private research organizations, public administrations, at national or international level) aimed at the realization of the transfer of IIT technologies to productive and industrial sector.

These activities can include:

The most mature technologies, those which are ready to be transferred to the market are illustrated by Technology Teasers (which can be viewed and downloaded here). They are structured as documents containing both technical/scientific information about the technology developed at IIT as well as market information, competitors and the possible advantages of this technology with respect to what is currently available on the market. The transmission of teasers to target companies is an important part of the business development strategy of the IIT’s Technology Transfer.