Industrial Liaison

Industrial Liaison

Industrial Liaison Section/Office is committed to creating and maintaining productive interactions between IIT and Industry.
The “Second Mission” of IIT is to translate the results of its own technology research into industrial applications. In order to achieve this goal, IIT actively promotes commercial agreements with Companies and external institutions whose research goals are assessed aligned by the relevant Research Line, the Technology Transfer and the Scientific Directorate of the Foundation.
Following are information on what Company (industrial or research entity) can expect when engaging in sponsored research with IIT.

Research Contracts

Research Contracts

A Sponsored Research Commercial Agreement includes innovative research projects commissioned by companies sponsor (Companies or research entity paying for sponsored research) aimed to facilitate the translation of IIT technologies, to productive and industrial sectors.

These activities can include:

Research Contracts List

Research Projects

Collaborative projects regulated by specific agreements between IIT and a Counterpart (industrial or research entity), not only to develop new IIT or joint technologies but also to exploit their potential for applications in specific industrial fields.

Provision of services

Technological services (measurements and analysis), provided by IIT Labs, applying high technologies and know-how.

Supply of goods

High-tech solutions or lab scale materials and prototypes developed in IIT Labs and Facilities can be purchased from a Counterpart (industrial or research entity).

Research Contracts details

Some of the most mature technologies to be translated to the Market are illustrated in the Technology Teasers (downloadable here). Teasers are structured as documents containing both technical/scientific information about the technology developed at IIT as well as brief market information, competitors and the possible advantages of this technology with respect to what is currently available on the pertinent market.



Licensing is crucial to carry out successfully the “Second Mission” of IIT, consisting in contributing to the Innovation process by transferring Intellectual Property to both established companies and start-ups, thus transforming new technologies into tangible products and services, in exchange of fees to  further support IIT research.

The Technology Transfer Office is continuously engaged in pushing the licensing of its own portfolio of patens whilst assessing the potential economic value of such technologies and constantly enhancing our network of industrial players and potential partners.

Below are the IIT Technology Teasers, which comprise both technical and market information on a selection of IIT technologies available for licensing. Move the mouse on the image to zoom it and click on to download the file.

The IIT foundation reserves the right to verify the out-licensing availability of each single patent due to the possibility of an existing exclusive license (granted or optioned).