Publications And Talks

Publications and Talks

IIT monitors the scientific results ensuing from all of its research lines and groups them in the following sections:

Publications groups IIT scientific publications (books, papers and congresses) since the institute was founded back in 2006. Below you can discover our scientific production.

Scientific Talks gathers talks delivered by our researchers at congresses, workshop and seminars as invited speakers. All scientific talks, filtered by research structure, can be found on a dedicated page.

Dissemination Talks contains all publications and talks that are not strictly scientific, but fundamental to disseminate research results. Explore our dissemination talks.

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Furlan M., Tanaka I., Leonardi T., de Pretis S., Pelizzola M.
Direct RNA Sequencing for the Study of Synthesis, Processing, and Degradation of Modified Transcripts
Frontiers in Genetics, vol. 11
Furlan M., de Pretis S., Pelizzola M.
Dynamics of transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation
Briefings in Bioinformatics
Dassi E., Baranov P.V., Pelizzola M.
Editorial: Computational Epitranscriptomics: Bioinformatic Approaches for the Analysis of RNA Modifications
Frontiers in Genetics, vol. 11
de Pretis S., Furlan M., Pelizzola M.
INSPEcT-GUI Reveals the Impact of the Kinetic Rates of RNA Synthesis, Processing, and Degradation, on Premature and Mature RNA Species
Frontiers in Genetics, vol. 11
Galeota E., Kishore K., Pelizzola M.
Ontology-driven integrative analysis of omics data through Onassis
Scientific Reports, vol. 10, (no. 1)
Biasini A., Abdulkarim B., de Pretis S., Tan J.Y., Arora R., Wischnewski H., Dreos R., Pelizzola M., Ciaudo C., Marques A.C.
Translation is required for miRNA-dependent decay of endogenous transcripts
EMBO Journal
Tesi A., de Pretis S., Furlan M., Filipuzzi M., Morelli M.J., Andronache A., Doni M., Verrecchia A., Pelizzola M., Amati B., Sabo A.
An early Myc-dependent transcriptional program orchestrates cell growth during B-cell activation
EMBO Reports, vol. 20, (no. 9)
Lobo J., Costa A.L., Cantante M., Guimaraes R., Lopes P., Antunes L., Braga I., Oliveira J., Pelizzola M., Henrique R., Jeronimo C.
M6A RNA modification and its writer/reader VIRMA/YTHDF3 in testicular germ cell tumors: A role in seminoma phenotype maintenance
Journal of Translational Medicine, vol. 17, (no. 1)
Madaro L., Torcinaro A., De Bardi M., Contino F. F., Pelizzola M., Diaferia G. R., Imeneo G., Bouchè M., Puri P. L., De Santa F.
Macrophages fine tune satellite cell fate in dystrophic skeletal muscle of mdx mice
PLoS Genetics
Yizhar-Barnea O., Valensisi C., Jayavelu N.D., Kishore K., Andrus C., Koffler-Brill T., Ushakov K., Perl K., Noy Y., Bhonker Y., Pelizzola M., Hawkins R.D., Avraham K.B.
DNA methylation dynamics during embryonic development and postnatal maturation of the mouse auditory sensory epithelium
Scientific Reports, vol. 8, (no. 1)
Kishore K., Pelizzola M.
Identification of differentially methylated regions in the genome of Arabidopsis thaliana
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), vol. 1675, pp. 61-69
Jantsch M.F., Quattrone A., O'Connell M., Helm M., Frye M., Macias-Gonzales M., Ohman M., Ameres S., Willems L., Fuks F., Oulas A., Vanacova S., Nielsen H., Bousquet-Antonelli C., Motorin Y., Roignant J.-Y., Balatsos N., Dinnyes A., Baranov P., Kelly V., Lamm A., Rechavi G., Pelizzola M., Liepins J., Holodnuka Kholodnyuk I., Zammit V., Ayers D., Drablos F., Dahl J.A., Bujnicki J., Jeronimo C., Almeida R., Neagu M., Costache M., Bankovic J., Banovic B., Kyselovic J., Valor L.M., Selbert S., Pir P., Demircan T., Cowling V., Schafer M., Rossmanith W., Lafontaine D., David A., Carre C., Lyko F., Schaffrath R., Schwartz S., Verdel A., Klungland A., Purta E., Timotijevic G., Cardona F., Davalos A., Ballana E., OCarroll D., Ule J., Fray R.
Positioning Europe for the EPITRANSCRIPTOMICS challenge
RNA Biology, vol. 15, (no. 6), pp. 829-831