Publications And Talks

Publications and Talks

IIT monitors the scientific results ensuing from all of its research lines and groups them in the following sections:

Publications groups IIT scientific publications (books, papers and congresses) since the institute was founded back in 2006. Below you can discover our scientific production.

Scientific Talks gathers talks delivered by our researchers at congresses, workshop and seminars as invited speakers. All scientific talks, filtered by research structure, can be found on a dedicated page.

Dissemination Talks contains all publications and talks that are not strictly scientific, but fundamental to disseminate research results. Explore our dissemination talks.

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Maya-Vetencourt J.F., Di Marco S., Mete M., Di Paolo M., Ventrella D., Barone F., Elmi A., Manfredi G., Desii A., Sannita W.G., Bisti S., Lanzani G., Pertile G., Bacci M.L., Benfenati F.
Biocompatibility of a Conjugated Polymer Retinal Prosthesis in the Domestic Pig
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, vol. 8
Benfenati F., Lanzani G.
Clinical translation of nanoparticles for neural stimulation
Nature Reviews Materials
Normani S., Dalla Vedova N., Lanzani G., Scotognella F., Paterno G.M.
Design of 1D photonic crystals for colorimetric and ratiometric refractive index sensing
Optical Materials: X, vol. 8
Paterno G.M., Manfredi G., Scotognella F., Lanzani G.
Distributed Bragg reflectors for the colorimetric detection of bacterial contaminants and pollutants for food quality control
APL Photonics, vol. 5, (no. 8)
Munoz-Marmol R., Bonal V., Paterno G.M., Ross A.M., Boj P.G., Villalvilla J.M., Quintana J.A., Scotognella F., D'andrea C., Sardar S., Lanzani G., Gu Y., Wu J., Diaz-Garcia M.A.
Dual amplified spontaneous emission and lasing from nanographene films
Nanomaterials, vol. 10, (no. 8), pp. 1-13
Pietralunga S.M., Irde G., Barker A.J., Ball J.M., Petrozza A., Sala V., Zani M., Lanzani G., Tagliaferri A.
Dynamical Imaging of Surface Photopotentials in Hybrid Lead Iodide Perovskite Films under High Optical Irradiance and the Role of Selective Contacts
Advanced Materials Interfaces, vol. 7, (no. 16)
Sharova A.S., Melloni F., Lanzani G., Bettinger C.J., Caironi M.
Edible Electronics: The Vision and the Challenge
Advanced Materials Technologies
Moscardi L., Paterno G.M., Chiasera A., Sorrentino R., Marangi F., Kriegel I., Lanzani G., Scotognella F.
Electro-responsivity in electrolyte-free and solution processed Bragg stacks
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, vol. 8, (no. 37), pp. 13019-13024
Massetti M., Bonfadini S., Nava D., Butti M., Criante L., Lanzani G., Qiu L., Hummelen J.C., Liu J., Koster L.J.A., Caironi M.
Fully direct written organic micro-thermoelectric generators embedded in a plastic foil
Nano Energy, vol. 75
Paterno G.M., Moscardi L., Donini S., Ross A.M., Pietralunga S.M., Dalla Vedova N., Normani S., Kriegel I., Lanzani G., Scotognella F.
Integration of bio-responsive silver in 1D photonic crystals: Towards the colorimetric detection of bacteria
Faraday Discussions, vol. 223, pp. 125-135
Paterno G.M., Colombo E., Vurro V., Lodola F., Cimo S., Sesti V., Molotokaite E., Bramini M., Ganzer L., Fazzi D., D'Andrea C., Benfenati F., Bertarelli C., Lanzani G.
Membrane Environment Enables Ultrafast Isomerization of Amphiphilic Azobenzene
Advanced Science, vol. 7, (no. 8)
Colombo E., Di Marco S., Castagnola V., Difrancesco M.L., Maya-Vetencourt J.F., Manfredi G., Lanzani G., Benfenati F.
Modulation of neuronal firing: What role can nanotechnology play?
Nanomedicine, vol. 15, (no. 30), pp. 2895-2900
DiFrancesco M.L., Lodola F., Colombo E., Maragliano L., Bramini M., Paterno G.M., Baldelli P., Serra M.D., Lunelli L., Marchioretto M., Grasselli G., Cimo S., Colella L., Fazzi D., Ortica F., Vurro V., Eleftheriou C.G., Shmal D., Maya-Vetencourt J.F., Bertarelli C., Lanzani G., Benfenati F.
Neuronal firing modulation by a membrane-targeted photoswitch
Nature Nanotechnology, vol. 15, (no. 4), pp. 296-306
DiFrancesco ML., Lodola F., Colombo E., Maragliano L., Bramini M., Paternò GM., Baldelli P., Dalla Serra M., Lunelli L., Marchioretto M., Grasselli G., Cimò S., Colella L., Fazzi D., Ortica F., Vurro V., Eleftheriou CG., Shmal D., Maya-Vetencourt JF., Bertarelli C., Lanzani G., Benfenati F.
Nature Nanotechnology