IIT currently manages more than 200 competitive projects, divided into four different areas: Life Science, Robotics, Nanomaterials and Computational Sciences.

The Projects Office supports research groups in finding external resources for the development of collaborations with other public and private institutions, assisting them during the whole project life cycle.

Specifically, the Projects Office supports researchers in:

  • The preparation of proposals (e.g. finding the matching call; providing administrative, financial and technical support; liaising with the funding bodies);
  • The monitoring of the evaluation process;
  • The grant negotiation/award with the funding body (e.g. providing administrative, financial and technical support whenever possible)
  • The management of the project, so that it can be fully implemented. 

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Aberrant transcriptional regulation in breast cancer

Genomic Science (F. Nicassio)
2021 - 2026
Gene expression programs are markedly altered in breast cancer. These alterations are often associated to exceeding levels of key oncogenes, such as MYC, and the deregulation of factors important for the control of RNA modifications. We hypothesised that the aberrant role of MYC depends on specific alterations of the RNA metabolism controlled by changes in their modifications. These studies could reveal novel downstream effectors to target the so far undruggable MYC oncogene, and could reveal novel therapeutical strategies for the treatment of breast cancer.