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The main goal of research activity is to exploit advanced nanofabrication techniques for controlling the properties and the response of materials at the nanoscales.
Particularly, we cover all of the aspects of the research spanning form the design to the fabrication, characterization and practical applications of nanodevices. The majority of the activity concerns the applications of photonic and plasmonic devices to biology and bio-sensing.


  • Controlling optical properties at the nanoscales.
  • Plasmonics combined with enhanced spectroscopies (Raman, Fluorescence, IR) to trigger and to investigate chemical, physical, or biological processes.
  • Combination of Plasmonics with scanning probe techniques.
  • Super-hydrophobic and super-oleophobic surfaces as smart platform for molecules delivery at the nanoscale.
  • Novel nano-fabrication and nanopatterning techniques.
  • Nanodevices for energy production and storage.


A 500 m2 clean room includes ISO6 (yellow room), ISO7 and ISO8 (dressing room). The clean room is equipped with all the main systems for micro and nanofabrication, from lithography and nanopatterning tools to deposition and etching equipment, back-end machines and metrology tools. Chemical benches are available for wet processes. About 100 m2 are dedicated to optical characterization and spectroscopic investigation from the visible to mid infrared range.



  • Prof. Bianxiao Cui, Stanford University. 3D nanostructures for investigating mechanical forces acting on neurons.
  • Prof. G. Strangi, Case western University. 3D plasmonic metamaterials for biosensing.
  • Prog. R. Colombelli, Universite Paris-Sud. Plasmonic nanocavity for ultrastrong coupling and lasing process.
  • Dr. R. Di Leonardo, Universita di Roma. Novel routes for converting solar light into mechanical energy.