After collecting needs from doctors and assistants on their need, It turns out that no rocket science is needed to do something and help people. Our project is named LHF, an acronym for  Low Hanging Fruits, because we want to highlight the fruits of the most advanced robotic research carried out in past years, which are now at hand for a vast and immediate application.  Our project focusses on a telepresence robot (i.e. a remotely operated iPad reaching hospital beds). Patients who are isolated for weeks from their families would really appreciate this robot, so imagine if we could just give even the slightest relief to those who cannot even say hello to their loved ones during a long-lasting hospitalization.

Our first LHF project is LHF-Connect, a telepresence robot avatar, that can be assembled with hardware still available off-the-shelf and deliverable in a few days. We are developing apps that are as much user-friendly as possible for bedridden patients. These robots can be remotely operated without exposing medical staff or patients’ relatives to any risks, while the patient can virtually meet his/her loved ones or can be monitored from a health point of view.

We are also writing “IKEA-style”, foolproof instructions to make these apps easily usable. The mobility of telepresence robots (which exist on the market but are not in stock at the moment) is ensured by the presence of robotic vacuum cleaners, that are specifically designed to avoid obstacles and be guided inside and outside rooms. Thanks to an agreement with iRobot, one of the main robotic vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the world, we can offer specific upgrades based on their software architecture.

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