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Luca Garello

PhD Student
Robotics Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Research center
All Publications
Garello L., Moro M., Tacchino C., Campone F., Durand P., Blanchi I., Moretti P., Casadio M., Odone F.
A Study of At-term and Preterm Infants' Motion Based on Markerless Video Analysis
European Signal Processing Conference, vol. 2021-August, pp. 1196-1200
Conference Paper Conference
Garello L., Lastrico L., Rea F., Mastrogiovanni F., Noceti N., Sciutti A.
Property-Aware Robot Object Manipulation: A Generative Approach
IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning, ICDL 2021
Conference Paper Conference
Garello L., Rea F., Sciutti A., Noceti N.
Embodied Generative Third Person View Translation and Encoding
Italian Conference in Robotics and Intelligent machines
Abstract Report Conference
Garello L., Grella F., Castagnetta S., Bruno B., Recchiuto C. T., Sgorbissa A.
Robot Agreeableness and User Engagement in Verbal Human-Robot Interaction
International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots
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