Leadership Corpus Dataset

Leadership Corpus

The aim of this corpus is automatically detecting emergent leaders in a meeting environment. It contains 16 meeting sessions. The meeting sessions are composed of the same gender, unacquainted four-person (in total 44 females and 20 males) with average age of 21.6 with 2.24 standard deviation.

The experiment takes place inside a room as follows.

Structural and Functional Neuronal Networks Dataset

Joint Structural and Functional Analysis of in-vitro Neuronal Networks

S. Ullo, A. Del Bue, A. Maccione, L. Berdondini, and V. Murino: "A Joint Structural and Functional Analysis of In-Vitro Neuronal Networks". ICIP 2012

We present 6 different image datasets acquired by fluorescence microscopy and depicting hippocampal in-vitro neuronal networks. The datasets are used for the evaluation of our approach for the joint analysis of neuronal anatomy and functionality, involving the use of a high-resolution Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) technology for the acquisition of the functional signal. Results concerning both the neuronal nuclei detection and the structural/functional representation of the neuron/electrode mapping are provided.

RGB-D Person Re-identification Dataset

RGB-D Person Re-identification Dataset

B. I. Barbosa, M. Cristani, A. Del Bue, L. Bazzani, and V. Murino. Re-identification with RGB-D sensors. RE-ID 2012


We present a new dataset for person re-identification using depth information. The main motivation is that the standard techniques (such as SDALF) fail when the individuals change their clothing, therefore they cannot be used for long-term video surveillance. Depth information is the solution to deal with this problem because it stays constant for a longer period of time. While several datasets for appearance-based re-identification exist, the literature still misses a dataset that provides also depth. This dataset aims at promoting the RGB-D re-identification research.

Audio-Video Tracking Dataset

A. Zunino, M. Crocco, S. Martelli, A. Trucco, A. Del Bue, V. Murino
Seeing the Sound: a New Multimodal Imaging device for Computer Vision.
IEEE ICCV 2015 Workshop: 3D Reconstruction and Understanding with Video and Sound

We present here a new dataset for object tracking using both sound and video data. The proposed dataset is composed by 3 different sequences of audio-video data, collected with the DualCam device in both indoor and outdoor scenarios:

  1. Drone Sequence
  2. Voice Sequence
  3. Motorbike Sequence

Friends Meet Dataset

Friends Meet (FM) Dataset for Group Detection and Tracking

L. Bazzani, V. Murino, and M. Cristani. Decentralized particle filter for joint individual-group tracking. CVPR2012

We present a new annotated dataset that contains groups of people that evolve, appear and disappear spontaneously, and experience split and merge events. This correspond to cocktail party-like situations in social areas where people arrive alone or with other people, move from one group to another, stay still while conversing, etc.  Such a picture was missing in literature, since most of the existing datasets with labelled groups contain wlaking pedestrian with a main flow direction. We manually annotated people and groups on each frame and over time, i.e., detection and tracking of groups and individuals.


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