Radiomics for COVID-19 prognosis

Radiomics for COVID-19 prognosis

CAUTION: All information and contents provided by AI for COVID-19 are to be intended only as informative. No healthcare decision can be partly or completely based on data provided by an application without the involvement of specialized healthcare providers.

Radiomics for COVID-19 prognosis is an open-source project for the early diagnosis of COVID-19 – related pneumonia and for the automatic prediction from chest X-ray images of each patient of the most likely clinical outcome. The software is intended as a support for clinicians during the triage phase, as patients forecasted with a high risk of complications can be immediately subjected to personalized treatment. This will also allow for a more efficient allocation of resources.

The software is based on deep-learning models developed for image classification, which have been improved to take into account different information types, such as the features extracted by radiomic tools and from the patient medical records.

The project has been developed in collaboration with Centro Diagnostico Italiano

All project details can be downloaded here (the code details will be disclosed soon)

For details and components assembly, please, read the Technical Sheet

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