PhD Positions – Neuroimaging and circuit physiology – Università degli studi di Trento

Luogo di lavoro: Rovereto, IIT@unitn
Inserito il: 19/04/2019 - Scade il: 21/05/2019

The Functional Neuroimaging laboratory, at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Rovereto (Italy), invites applications for two Ph.D. scholarships, to investigate the neural basis of connectivity disruption in brain disorders.

The studentships are part of the Doctoral programme in “Cognitive and Brain Sciences” organized at the CIMeC - Centro Interdipartimentale Mente/Cervello, in partnership with the University of Trento. Final admission to the doctoral school entails a competitive selection process, as per the doctoral school regulations.

Successful candidates will work within the framework of the project DisConn, funded by the European Research Council (ERC). Research in the lab aims to identify the general neural and cellular principles governing the assembly of brain connectivity, and its breakdown in developmental disorders. We address these questions at the level of identified cell types by combining neural manipulations (optogenetics, chemogenetics, viral tracing, Giorgi et al., Cell Reports, 2017) with cutting-edge small-animal imaging (Bertero et al., Brain 2018) and electrophysiological recordings.

We invite applications of highly motivated students with an M.Sc. in neuroscience, biotechnology, computer science, physics, or equivalent. Prior training in experimental neuroscience is highly desirable. The four-year studentship aims to provide students, with multi-disciplinary training, in conducting research at the interface of biomedical imaging, computational image analysis, and experimental neuroscience, including the use of advanced neural-manipulations.

The Center for Neuroscience and Cognitive Systems (CNCS - IIT@UniTn)IIT@UniTn)  in Rovereto is actively expanding its infrastructure for systems level neuroscience research, and is located in Trentino, a region of Northern Italy nestled in the Dolomite Mountains, offering spectacular natural beauty, vibrant culture and exceptional quality of life.

Please send relevant material (i.e., full CV, two academic referees, statement of research) to

In order to formally apply for these positions, it is mandatory to refer to the official PhD School enrollment process. The official call is available at the following link: “Announcement of selection”. Please make sure to file the application with reference to one of the following research themes:

  • Neural basis of functional disconnectivity in autism (A. Gozzi)
  • Neuro-modulation of functional connectivity (A. Gozzi)

Deadline for application: Tuesday May  21st 2019, until 04.00 p.m. (Italian time)

Alessandro Gozzi
Paola Battistoni
Linee di ricerca coinvolte
Functional Neuroimaging


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