Luogo di lavoro: Ferrara, CTNSC@UniFe
Inserito il: 30/06/2020 - Scade il: 24/07/2020

The Center for Translational Neurophysiology of Speech and Communication (CTNSC) @ Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), is opening 4 PhD positions for the Academic Year 2020-2021.

Research areas:

- Improving performance and biocompatibility of electrode arrays for brain-computer interfaces

- Organic neuroelectronics for multimodal recordings and stimulation of the brain in vivo

- Investigation of sensorimotor functions in animal models

- Machine learning applications to multimodal brain and speech signals

- Human neurophysiology of speech and sensorimotor communication

- Cortical recordings in human patients during awake Neurosurgery

- Hardware and software development for innovative exploration of brain signals

Who: chemists, physicists, materials scientists, computer scientists, biomedical/electrical engineers, biologists, biotechnologist, medical doctors and experimental psychologists eager to work in an international and multidisciplinary team.

Where: The CTNSC ( is hosted by the University of Ferrara (UNIFE) in a prestigious historical building in the city center. UNIFE is one of the oldest Universities (founded in 1391) and one of the excellence Universities in Italy nowadays for research.

Ferrara is well connected by train and freeway (30-min to Bologna, 40-min to Padua, 60-min to Venice and their airports), bustling with students as it is an affordable University city (

In order to apply it is mandatory to follow the procedures of the call published by the Univeristà di Ferrara:

General INFO:

Application INFO:

DEADLINE: 24 July 2020.


Luciano Fadiga (CTNSC Director):

Thierry Pozzo:

Fabio Biscarini:

Michele Bianchi:

Antonino Casile:

David Papo:

Alessandro D’Ausilio:

Linee di ricerca coinvolte
Multiscale Brain Communication


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