Luogo di lavoro: Genova, IIT
Inserito il: 17/05/2019 - Scade il: 12/06/2019

IIT has established a collaboration with Università degli studi di Genova a PhD curriculum in  “Computational vision, automatic recognition and learning” (Visione computazionale, riconoscimento e apprendimento automatico - codice 7790) within the general course in  “Science and technology for electronic and telecommunication engineering” (Scienze e tecnologie per l'ingegneria elettronica e delle telecomunicazioni) and finances several PhD positions. All research activities are expected to be developed within IIT premises, in Genoa, under the supervision of IIT researchers. Training will be shared between the University and the IIT.

6 PhD positions are available at the Pattern Analysis and Computer Vision (PAVIS) Dept. and Visual Geometry and Modelling (VGM) Lab to work in Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, and more specifically on the following themes

(for details see https://pavisdata.iit.it/data/phd/ResearchTopicsPhD2019_IIT-PAVIS+VGM.pdf)

Theme A: Computer vision for the prediction of human intentions, activities and behavior 

Theme B: Human body modeling for Socially-Aware Computer Vision 

Theme C: 3D Scene understanding with geometrical and deep learning reasoning

Theme D: Multi-modal scene understanding

Theme E: Computer vision into the wild

Theme F: Zero – and Few – Shot Learning

Theme G: Crowd behavioral analysis and event recognition 

Theme H: Re-identification

Theme I: Biomedical imaging & Neuroimaging

Theme L: Movement and behavior analysis in biomedical applications

More info on the above research topics can be found at https://pavisdata.iit.it/data/phd/ResearchTopicsPhD2019_IIT-PAVIS+VGM.pdf or directly asked to Prof. V. Murino (pavis@iit.it), or any other tutor indicated in the list of themes.

The PhD program on the listed themes will take place at the PAVIS department of Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) located in Genova (www.iit.it).

The department focuses on activities related to the analysis and understanding of images, videos and patterns in general, even multidisciplinary, in collaboration with other research groups in IIT.

PAVIS staff has a wide expertise in computer vision and pattern recognition, machine learning, image processing, and related applications (mainly related to surveillance/security and biomedical tasks).

For more information, you can also browse the PAVIS (http://pavis.iit.it/) and VGM Lab webpages (http://vgm.iit.it/) to see our activities and research.

To apply, follow the instructions indicated at the following links where the notice of public examination in Italian and in English are published:


In short, the documentation to be submitted is a detailed CV, a research proposal under one or more themes chosen among those above indicated (please, see also a project proposal template at the link indicated below), reference letters, and any other formal document concerning the degrees earned. 

Notice that these documents are mandatory in order to consider valid the application.

IMPORTANT: In order to apply, candidates must prepare a research proposal based on the research topics above mentioned. 

Please, follow these indications to prepare it: https://pavisdata.iit.it/data/phd/ResearchProjectTemplate.pdf

ONLINE APPLICATION DEADLINE is June 12th, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. (noon, Italian time/CET) – STRICT DEADLINE, NO EXTENSION.

APPLICATIONS are possible through University of Genoa ONLINE PROCEDURE ONLY - https://unige.it/usg/it/dottorati-di-ricerca 

Linee di ricerca coinvolte
Pattern Analysis and Computer Vision Visual Geometry and Modelling


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