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Zhuoqi Cheng

Post Doc

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Advanced Robotics


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


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I am currently a Post-Doc in the Biomedical Robotics Lab, part of the IIT's Advanced Robotics Department, since March, 2018. Before my Post-Doc, I did my PhD in the same lab, developing a hand-held device for delicate peripheral intravenous catheterization, supervised by Dr. Leonardo De Mattos and Prof. Brian Davies. Before joining IIT, I was a research assistance working with Prof. Tan U-Xuan and Prof. Foong Shaohui at the SUTD-MIT international design center in the Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore, where I was working on a project of designing compliant mechanisms using machine learning algorithms. I received my Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from National University of Singapore, Singapore, where I was a research engineer of the SMART FM Autonomous Group, NUS, working on machine vision. I received my Bachelor degree in Mechatronics from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China.


Medical Robotics Electrical Bio-Impedance


  • Robotic device for pediatric pripheral intravenous catheterization
  • SmartProbe
  • EL.I.S.A.


  • Athanasiou ABME Student Award, Philadelphia, Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Annual Meeting, 2019
  • Best paper presentation awards, Queen Mary University of London, 8th CRAS, 2018
  • Best Student Paper Award finalist, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1st ISMR, 2018
  • Oral Presenter Runner Up, Imperial College London, 10th Hamlyn symposium, 2017
  • Best paper and oral presentation awards, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, 6th CRAS, 2016
  • First prize in Jiangsu Province, national second prize in THE CHINA UNDERGRADUATE MECHANICAL INNOVATIONAL DESIGN COMPETITION.
  • Third prize in Jiangsu province, national outstanding prize in the 6th National Competition on Mechanics.


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