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Simone De Panfilis


Research Line

Nanotechnologies for Neurosciences




Centre for Life Nanoscience - IIT@Sapienza Viale Regina Elena 291
+39 06 4991 3433 / +39 06 4925 5208
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Selected Publications

- S. De Panfilis, E.A.A. Pogna, A. Virga and T. Scopigno, "Acoustic dynamics of supercooled indomethacin by Brillouin light Scattering", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16, 14206 (2014).

- A. Di Cicco, F. Iesari, S. De Panfilis, M. Celino, S. Giusepponi and A. Filipponi, "Local fivefold symmetry in liquid and undercooled Ni probed by x-ray absorption spectroscopy and computer simulations", Physical Review B 89, 060102(R) (2014).

- T. Bryk, S. De Panfilis, F.A. Gorelli, E. Gregoryanz, M. Krisch, G. Ruocco, M. Santoro, T. Scopigno and A.P. Seitsonen, "Dynamical crossover at the liquid-liquid transformation of a compressed molten alkali metal", Physical Review Letters 111, 077801 (2013).

- P. D'Angelo, V. Migliorati, R. Spezia, S. De Panfilis, I. Persson and A. Zitolo, "K-edge XANES investigation of octakis(DMSO)lanthanoid(III) complexes in DMSO solution and solid iodides, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15, 8684-8691 (2013).

- V. Migliorati, G. Mancini, S. Tatoli, A. Zitolo, A. Filipponi, S. De Panfilis, A. Di Cicco and P. D'Angelo, Structure and dynamics of water in ionic solutions at high pressure: the Zn2+ case” , Inorganic Chemistry 52, 1141 (2013).

- Liquid and amorphous metals: current trends and future perspectives, T. Scopigno, S. De Panfilis and A. Di Cicco eds., European Journal of Physics - Special Topics 196, (2011).

- D. Lundberg, I. Persson, L. Eriksson, P. D’Angelo and S. De Panfilis, “Structural Study of the N,N’-Dimethylpropyleneurea Solvated Lanthanoid(III) Ions in Solution and Solid State with an Analysis of the Ionic Radii of Lanthanoid(III) Ions”, Inorganic Chemistry 49, 4420 (2010).

- E. Ziegler, G. Aquilanti, O. Mathon, S. De Panfilis and P. van Vaerenbergh, “EXAFS measurements at the micrometer-scale resolution using achromatic multilayer-based focusing optics”, X-ray Spectrometry 38, 250 (2009).

- R. Angelini, G. Ruocco and S. De Panfilis, “Phase diagram of a solution undergoing inverse melting”, Physical Review E 78, 020502 (2008).

- J. Purans, N.D. Afify, G. Dalba, R. Grisenti, S. De Panfilis, A. Kuzmin, V.I. Ozhogin, F. Rocca, A. Sanson, S.I. Tiutiunnikov and P. Fornasini, “Isotopic effect in extended x-ray absorption fine structure of germanium”, Physical Review Letters 100, 055901 (2008).

- I. Persson, P. D’Angelo, S. De Panfilis, M. Sandström and L. Eriksson, “Hydration of the Lanthanoid(III) Ions in Aqueous Solution and Crystalline Hydrates Studied by EXAFS Spectroscopy and Crystallography: The Myth of the ”Gadolinium Break””, Chemistry - A European Journal 14, 3056 (2008).

- E. Principi, A. Di Cicco, F. Decremps, A. Polian, S. De Panfilis and A. Filipponi, “Polyamorphic transition of germanium under pressure”, Physical Review B 69, 201201(R) (2004).

- A. Filipponi, S. De Panfilis, C. Oliva, M.A. Ricci, P. D’Angelo and D. Bowron, “Ion hydration under pressure”, Physical Review Letter 91, 165505 (2003).

- A. Filipponi, A. Di Cicco and S. De Panfilis, “Structure of undercooled liquid Pd probed by X-ray absorption spectroscopy”, Physical Review Letter 83, 560-563 (1999).

- S. De Panfilis and A. Filipponi, “Short range order in liquid tellurium probed by x-ray absorption spectroscopy”, Europhysics Letters 37, 397-402 (1997).

- S. De Panfilis, F. D'Acapito, V. Haas, H. Konrad, J. Weissmüller and F. Boscherini, “Local structure and size effects in nanophase palladium: an x-ray absorption study”, Physics Letters A 207, 397-403 (1995).


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