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Giorgia Imparato

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Bio-Logic Materials




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Dr. Giorgia Imparato received her Masters Science in Materials Engineering from the University of Naples "Federico II" in Jenuary 2003, discussing an experimental thesis on optimization of process conditions to engineer cartilage tissue equivalent in vitro. From 2003 to 2004 she has a fellowship funded by FP6 the EU’s framework programme “Dermagenesis: bio-engineering of leather: structure design, biosynthesis – Towards zero emission production” COLL-CT-2003-500224-2 working at the Interdisciplinary Research Centre of Biomaterials (CRIB). From 2005 to 2008 she worked as PhD student at the Department of Materials and Production Engineering of the University of Naples "Federico II". For her doctoral studies she was mainly interested in processing of tissue biohybrid in vitro. In particular, she focused her attention on the design of a novel strategy to build up 3D tissue equivalent in vitro. In February 2009 she received her PhD in Materials and Structures Engineering from the University of Naples "Federico II". From May 2009 to May 2011 she worked at the Interdisciplinary Research Centre of Biomaterials (CRIB) of Naples for the realization, processing and characterization of tissue enquivalent in vitro, in particular connective equivalent tissues. At the present, she is a senior post-doc researcher at the Center for Advanced Biomaterials for health Care (CABHC) - Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia of Naples and her research deals with the realization of complex 3D tissue equivalent in vitro.



She is PI in the project "Interconnecting artificial and living systems for advanced prosthetics"

selected as winning project for the Interdepartmental/Interdisciplinary Projects, launched in May 2012.

Selected Publications

Time and space evolution of transport properties in agarose-chondrocyte constructs

ED Rosa, F Urciuolo, C Borselli, D Gerbasio, G Imparato, PA Netti
Tissue engineering 12 (8), 2193-2201 2006

Strategia bottom up per la produzione di bioibridi tessutali in vitro
G Imparato
Facoltà di Ingegneria Università di Napoli Federico II 2008

Effect of dynamic loading on solute transport in soft gels implication for drug delivery
F Urciuolo, G Imparato, PA Netti
AIChE Journal 54 (3), 824-834 2008

Engineered dermal equivalent tissue in vitro by assembly of microtissue precursors
C Palmiero, G Imparato, F Urciuolo, P Netti
Acta Biomaterialia 6 (7), 2548-2553 2010

Complementary therapeutic effects of dual delivery of insulin-like growth factor-1 and vascular endothelial growth factor by gelatin microspheres in experimental heart failure
A Cittadini, MG Monti, V Petrillo, G Esposito, G Imparato, A Luciani, F ...
European journal of heart failure 13 (12), 1264-1274 2011

WO Patent WO/2011/051,983 2011

Effect of Process Conditions on the Growth of Three-Dimensional Dermal-Equivalent Tissue Obtained by Microtissue Precursor Assembly
F Urciuolo, G Imparato, C Palmiero, A Trilli, PA Netti
Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods 17 (2), 155-164 2011

Novel strategies to engineering biological tissue in vitro.
F Urciuolo, G Imparato, A Guaccio, B Mele, PA Netti
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, NJ) 811, 223 2012

The role of microscaffold properties in controlling the collagen assembly in 3D dermis equivalent using modular tissue engineering
G Imparato, F Urciuolo, C Casale, PA Netti
Biomaterials Volume 34, Issue 32, October 2013, Pages 7851–7861

Building a tissue in vitro from the bottom up: implications in regenerative medicine.Urciuolo F, Imparato G, Totaro A, Netti PA. Methodist Debakey Cardiovasc J. 2013 Oct;9(4):213-217

Fabrication of 3D tissue equivalent: an in vitro platform for understanding collagen evolution in healthy and diseased models. F. Urciuolo, G. Imparato, C. Casale, S. Scamardella, P. Netti Proc. of SPIE Vol. 8792 87920K!1; May 2013

Building a Tissue In Vitro from the Bottom Up: Implications in Regenerative Medicine. Francesco Urciuolo, Ph.D.; Giorgia Imparato, Ph.D.; Alessandra Totaro, Ph.D.; Paolo A. Netti, Ph.D. Oct 2013 " Methodist DeBakey cardiovascular journal

PCL–HA microscaffolds for in vitro modular bone tissue engineering. A. Totaro !A. Salerno " G. Imparato " C. Domingo " F, Urciuolo " P. A. Netti. Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. 7 SEP 2015

Method for producing a totally endogenous bioengineered tissue and tissue obtained thereby WO 2015166455 A1. PCT/IB2015/053166 5 nov 2015

Biophysical properties of dermal building-blocks affect extra cellular matrix assembly in 3D endogenous macrotissue. F. Urciuolo, A. Garziano, G. Imparato, V. Panzetta, S. Fusco, C. Casale, P A Netti. Biofabrication 8. January 2016

A micro-perfusion bioreactor for on line investigation of ECM remodeling under hydrodynamic and biochemical stimulation. A. Garziano, F. Urciuolo, G. Imparato, F. Martorina, B. Corrado P A Netti. Lab on chip Feb 2016.

A novel engineered dermis for in vitro photodamage research. G. Imparato, C. Casale, S. Scamardella, F. Urciuolo, M. Bimonte, F. Apone, G. Colucci and PA Netti. J Tissue Eng Regen Med (2016). DOI: 10.1002/term.2125

Endogenous human skin equivalent promotes in vitro morphogenesis of follicle-like structures

C Casale, G Imparato, F Urciuolo, PA Netti

Biomaterials 101, 86-95

3D is not enough: Building up a cell instructive microenvironment for tumoral stroma microtissues

V Brancato, A Garziano, F Gioiella, F Urciuolo, G Imparato, V Panzetta, ...

Acta Biomaterialia

Engineered cardiac micromodules for the in vitro fabrication of 3D endogenous macro-tissues

A Totaro, F Urciuolo, G Imparato, PA Netti

Biofabrication 8 (2), 025014





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