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GianPaolo Salvador

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2001: Degree in Chemistry at the University of Torino (Italy). Title of thesis: “Iron ions in
zeolitic matrix: EPR characterization and analysis of the ions delivery in solution”.
The work was carried out at the I.F.M. Department of the same University, under
the supervision of Professor Elio Giamello. The purpose of the research was to
obtain information about location and nature of iron ions dispersed in the
microporous structure of Y and ZSM-5 zeolites and to single out their role in
catalytic activity in NOx direct decomposition or industrial applications.

2006: High qualification European PhD in Materials Science and Technology at Politecnico of Torino (Italy). Title of thesis:"Characterization of porous silicon in presence of inorganic species". The work was carried out at Politecnico of Torino (Italy), Technical University of Delft (The Netherlands) and University of New South Wales of Sydney (Australia) under supervision of Professor Francesco Geobaldo and Professor Edoardo Garrone.

TECHNIQUES AND SKILLS: FTIR spectroscopy, UV-Vis and NIR spectroscopy, EPR Spectroscopy, photoluminescence measurements, electrochemical etching and gas manipulation.
FIELD OF INTEREST: Inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry and Physical Chemistry of surfaces.

Selected Publications

1)  “Free carriers reactivation on p+- mesoporous silicon through ammonia adsorption: a FTIR study” F. Geobaldo, P.Rivolo, Gian Paolo Salvador, G. Amato, L. Boarino, E. Garrone,  Sensors and Actuators B 100 (2004) 205-208

2) “Carriers reactivation in p+-type porous silicon accompanies hydrogen desorption” P. Rivolo, F. Geobaldo, G.P. Salvador, L. Pallavidino, P. Ugliengo, E. Garrone, Physica Status Solidi C 2 (2005) 3193-3197

3) “Boron passivation and its reactivation in mesoporous silicon: a “chemical” model” E. Garrone, F. Geobaldo, P. Rivolo, G.P. Salvador, L. Pallavidino, L. Boarino, G. Amato, M. Chiesa, R. Gobetto, P. Ugliengo,  Physica Status Solidi A 202 (2005) 1567-1570

4) “Controlled light emission from dye impregnated porous silicon microcavities” A. Venturello, C. Ricciardi, F. Giorgis, S. Strola, G.P. Salvador, E. Garrone and F. Geobaldo” Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids (2006), 1230-1233

5) “Functionalization of porous silicon based photonic crystals with organic monolayers”, T. Bocking, S. Ilyas, G.P. Salvador, P.J. Reece, K. Gaus, J.J. Gooding, M. Gal, Optoelectronic and Microelectronic Materials and Devices, 2004 Conference on, (2006) 217-220

6) “Porous silicon based narrow linewidth rugate filters” S. Ilyas, P. Reece, T. Bocking, G.P. Salvador, M. Gal, Optoelectronic and Microelectronic Materials and Devices, 2004 Conference on, (2006) 169-172



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