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Emily Mae Speller

PhD Student Fellow
Early Stage Research Fellow

Research Line

Advanced Materials for Optoelectronics


CNST@PoliMi Milano


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  • Emily studied for an integrated Master of Physics degree at the University of York (UK) between 2010-14, with a year abroad at the University of California Los Angeles (USA).
  • She then undertook a PhD at SPECIFIC, Swansea University (UK), under the supervision of Dr Wing Chung Tsoi (Swansea) and Prof. James R. Durrant (Imperial College London, Swansea), graduating in 2019. The objective of her doctorate was to investigate the degradation phenomena of organic solar cells, focussing on the role of the electron accepting materials.
  • She was able to continue her research in the same group as a Research Assistant on the EPSRC funded ‘Solar Grand Challenge’ project (2017/18).
  • In July 2018, she joined CNST as an Early Stage Reseach Fellow in the group of Dr Annamaria Petrozza, where her research focus shifted to perovskite solar cell stability. 

The focus of her project is to use a photophysical approach to probe the processes behind perovskite solar cell stability. A combination of structural and chemical characterisation techniques will be coupled with advanced optoelectronic spectroscopies to develop an understanding of the properties of perovskite under aging stresses. By testing under isolated stress factors, it will be possible to identify stability issues and develop an understanding of the associated degradation mechanisms. Solar cells will be fabricated, aged and characterised in order to observe how these stability issues manifest in devices under working conditions. By testing different perovskite materials and methods to mitigate instabilities, it will be possible to develop guidelines for material and device design towards improved stability.


"Making Perovskites Truly exploitable" (MAESTRO) - Marie Skłodowska Curie Action European Training Network (2017-2021) 


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