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Diego Torazza

Senior Technician
RBCS Mechanical Design Senior Engineer

Research Line

Robotics Brain and Cognitive Sciences


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


Building B - Genova High Tech - 7th floor, Via E. Melen 83, 16152 Genova (GE)
+39 010 2897 231
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Mechanical Engineer with 13 years experience in mechanical design (structures, nuclear phisics, deep sea underwater infrastructures, scientific experiments setup, robotics, cryogenics, superconducting magnets, rehabilitation).
CAD (Pro Engineer, Creo, CATIA)
FEA (Pro Mechanica)
Rapid Prototyping, Selective Laser Melting

2004-2009 I.N.F.N. Genoa, mechanical designer


IIT RBCS, Junior Technician


ASG Superconductors, mechanical designer


IIT RBCS, Senior Technician

Head of the Mechanical Design Lab of the RBCS (Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Sciences) Department, having in charge the following main tasks:
- Design of the mechanical components and devices, mechatronic systems and prototypal apparatus, optimisation and costs’ analysis, supports and assistance to their realisation, assembly, test, use also in collaboration with the electronic devices’ section and with other technical Sections of the RBCS Department;
- Running of the relationships with both the IIT’s mechanical shop and the external ones to optimise the construction of mechanical parts/wholes, including the use of rapid prototyping machines, the supply of special components and the maintenance of the mechanical apparatus and mechatronic devices developed and/or used at the RBCS Department;
- Research and development of innovative components and new technologies within the activity field of the Department running the files dealing with realisations and mechanical projects of RBCS Department through the creation and the management of a database for the existing applications.


Italian patent TO2014A000458
"Sistema di interfaccia aptica per fornire uno stimolo indicativo di un rilievo virtuale"
L. Brayda, D. Torazza, G. Zini, G. Sandini

Wrist rehabilitation robot


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