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Diego Manfredi

Affiliated Researcher

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Advanced Materials for Sustainable Future Technologies


CSFT@PoliTo Torino


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Diego Manfredi receveid the Laurea degree in Materials Engineering in 2003 and the Ph.D. degree in Materials Science and Technology in 2008, both at Politecnico di Torino. From January 2008, he worked with a 2-year post-doc fellowship in Materials Science and Chemical Engineering Department at Politecnico di Torino. Since January 2010 he joined IIT in the Center for Space Human Robotics, now Center for Sustainable Future Technologies.

His research activity is focused on the development of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies to fabricate structural and functional components like wave-guide filters for satellite-telecommunications, compact heat exchangers and heat sinks.
In particular the focus is on:
- develop a better understanding of the main physics phenomena involved in the Laser Powder Bed Fusion process (temperature gradients, powder-laser interaction time, etc..)

- study the effects of extremly rapid melting and subsequent cooling of the LPBF technology on the microstructure of the metal alloys processed through it





2018-2022  European project ECCO “Energy Efficient Coil Coating Process”, call H2020-SPIRE-2017. The main idea is to find novel solution for the curing oven operation within coil coating industrial process, increasing the compactness and energetic efficiency of the system, and the production flexibility. IIT is involved in the development and characterization of advanced materials processed by additive manufacturing/3D printing to be used in IR radiant porous burners.

2017-2019  Regional Project STAMP “Sviluppo Tecnologico dell’Additive Manufacturing in Piemonte”, funded by Regione Piemonte with Grant POR FESR Piemonte 2014/2020 “Fabbrica Intelligente”. IIT is involved in the fabrication of end-users demonstrators for aeronautics, aerospace, automotive in different alloys by Laser Powder Bed Fusion process, in the development of new alloys for the same process and in the optimization of process and post-process conditions.


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