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Caterina Ansuini

Visiting scientist

Research Line

Cognition, Motion and Neuroscience


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


+39 010 2897 201
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Caterina received her MS in Psychology at the University of Padua in 2004, with a dissertation on the analysis of eye movements in Posner-like paradigm. She completed her Ph.D studies in “Cognitive Sciences” from the University of Padova in 2007 with focus on motor control of reach-to-grasp action. As part of her PhD program Caterina spent one year in the Movement Control Lab at the Arizona State University. After her PhD studies, she got a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Padua to investigate the complex relation between intention and action by means of kinematic techniques. In 2011 Caterina obtained a 2nd level University Master degree in Learning Psychopathology. In the same year she started to work as private consultant in the field of developmental disease with a specific focus on autism spectrum disorders. Currently, she is Post Doc at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Genoa. 

For I.Move.U project (ERC project, Intention-from-MOVEment Understanding: From moving bodies to interacting minds, I.Move.U; 2012-StG-312919), Caterina applies a new quantitative methodology to the investigation of intention understanding in both clinical and non-clinical population.
Research interest
  • Motor and Social Cognition
  • Kinematics and Motion Capturing Techniques
  • Motor Planning and Action Understanding in Autism Spectrum Disorder


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