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Atesh Koul

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Post-Doc Researcher

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Cognition, Motion and Neuroscience


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


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I obtained my degree in Biotechnology from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur, India in 2009. I joined “National Brain Research Centre, India”  in 2010 where I worked on a project on understanding numerical representation in bilingual population. I completed my doctorate degree at Italian Institute of Technology, Genova under the supervision Prof. Cristina Becchio in the C’MoN (Cognition, Motion and Neuroscience) Group. My thesis was on "Unvieling the mechanisms of intention understanding from movements".

Undoubtedly, understanding mental states and intentions of  others’ is an important component of social cognition. To this end, I integrated approaches ranging from machine learning, motion capture system, behavioral to neuroimaging. Recent studies that I have been conducting suggest that human observers are capable of understanding others' intentions simply by observing their movements. The extent to which an observer understands an intentional movement depends on the executioner’s motor style. These results raise questions on putative implications in domains of active interactions, self/other movement discrimination as well as on factors determining this disparity in understandability.The work also has implications for social understanding, as it suggest that failures in social interactions between individuals may in part result from difficulties in reading intentions from certain movement styles.

Currently, I am a post-doctoral student at the Italian Institute of Technology. My current work focusses on the neural processes that allow an observer to understand others' intentions from their movements.



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