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Alberto Inuggi

Post Doc
senior postdoc

Research Line

Unit for Visually Impaired People


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


Center for Human Technologies Via Enrico Melen 83, Building B 16152 Genova, Italy
+39 010 2897 219
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Present and past positions

  • 2019-present  : Senior Postdoc Researcher at U-VIP @ IIT, Genova, Italy (Monica Gori).
  • 2013-2018      : Senior Postdoc Researcher at RBCS @ IIT, Genova, Italy (Prof. Thierry Pozzo, Prof. Giulio Sandini, Luca Brayda).
  • 2012-2013      : Postdoc Reasearcher at the Neuroimaging Research Unit @ San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan, Italy (Prof Massimo Filippi).
  • 2009-2012      : Postdoc Researcher at the Faculty of Psychology @ University of Murcia, Spain (Prof. Luis Fuentes).
  • 2006-2009      : PhD student in Experimental Neurology @ INSPE, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan, Italy (M.D. Letizia Leocani, Prof. Giancarlo Comi).
  • 2001-2006      : Part time technician/researcher in the Clinical Neurophysiology department @ San Raffaele Hospital, Milan, Italy (M.D. Letizia Leocani).
  • 2000               : Biomedical Engineer Bachelor. Thesis in Artificial Intelligence @ Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy (Prof. Marco Somalvico).


  • 2014-present  : Adjunct Professor of “Advanced EEG analyses” and “Research oriented structural and functional neuroimaging” courses within the PhD program in Bioengineering and Robotics, Universita degli studi di Genova.
  • 2006-2009      : Adjunct Professor of “Biomedical Electronic” and “Computer Science” courses in Neurophysiopathology postgraduate school. Università Vita-Salute, San Raffaele, Milan, Italy

Neuroscience methodologies

  • EEG   : sensor and sources analysis, ERP and ERSP (time-frequency) 
  • MRI    : sequence design, fMRI task implementation. Analysis of anatomical (VBM, DTI, TBSS, Tractography) and functional (resting state, task-related, within & between RSN connectivity) data
  • TMS   : single/double pulse, motor mapping, silent period, neuronavigated 

 Software Expertise

  • Senior software developer: C, C++, VC++, VB, C#, Java, Kotlin, Android, Matlab, Python, Bash, tcl, Php, html, Javascript, postgreSQL, mySQL, Angular, Ionic. TensorFlow
  • Hardware interfacing.
  • Professional user of FSL, SPM, Brainvision, Neuroscan Curry & Scan, SoftTaxic, Psychtoolbox, E-Prime, R, SPSS

Other past professional experiences

  • (2000-2008) Freelance senior software developer : desktop and full-stack web applications.
  • IT courses tutour (Html, Adobe Flash, Java) 




PI of ALLSPEAK (2016-2018) : An Automatic Speech Recognition Android App for ALS patients.


Selected Publications

Invited talks & Lectures

  • 2017 - Lecture at the University of Murcia, Spain: “Role of the source analysis in the interpretation of the ERP”
  • 2014 - SEPEX/SEPNECA, Murcia, Spain: “Neuroimaging marker of impulsive behaviour”
  • 2014 - Lecture at the University of Murcia, Spain: “Structural and functional connectivity in the human brain”,
  • 2011 - ECCN, Rome, Italy: “The effect of aging and ALS disease on the bereitshaftspotentials cortical generators”
  • 2007 - SINC, Palermo, Italy : “Cortical Sources Analysis: problems and limits”
  • 2005 - SINC, Rome, Italy : “EEG-fMRI co-registration, research applications”


Accepted publications still not indexed



two wonderful daughters !


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