VISualization of functional nano-interfaces in operando
From fundamental processes to devices design

Functional nanomaterials are generally complex systems delivering a functionality, which is not the simple combination of the functionality of their building blocks. Their interfaces are generally crucial and are often where these devices realize their function. VISPI wants to visualize molecular interactions and electronic processes at nano-interfaces, which are crucial for the development of devices for light harvesting, energy production and opto- and bio-electronics, with the final target to deliver new technologies, which combine efficiency, sustainability and full integration into everyday life. VISPI puts together three research units, Advanced Materials for Optoelectronics, Functional Nanosystems and Molecular Microscopy and Spectroscopy, which are currently active in the investigation of functional materials to visualize and describe photo-chemical processes of nano-systems in operando. The synergy of the activities will allow to further develop top notch experimental methods AND answer in holistic way open questions in the field on nano-materials.