Sustainable Biocomposites

Today more than ever, actions aimed at obtaining a more sustainable future are essential and valued by society. In the smart materials group, we are developing new bio-based and bio-degradable materials with performances comparable to those offered by polymers derived from non-renewable fossil resources and even with additional properties such as antimicrobial or antioxidant activities.
In this sense, a strong research line established for almost ten years in the group works to transform various renewable raw materials into bioplastics. Through this objective, we seek:

  1. Reduce the levels of pollution associated with the amount of plastic waste that is generated each year and accumulates in the environment,
  2. Reduce the generation of greenhouse gases
  3. Reduce the costs of bioplastics production
  4. Value discards from agro-food industries for the generation of new value-added products can be incorporated again into the productive sector, closing the production-use-discarding cycle and contributing to the bioeconomy.