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Agnese Fragassi

PhD Student
Nanotechnology for Precision Medicine
Research center

Title: Graduation in Pharmacy
Institute: University 'Gabriele D'annunzio'
Location: Chieti
Country: Chieti
From: 2014 To: 2019


Cell culturing
- -Cell culturing (cancer cell lines: SH-SY5Y, IMR-32, U-87 MG, MDA-MB 231); - Assessing of in vitro toxicity of empty and drug loaded particles (MTT-assay); - Study of cellular uptake of particles using confocal microscopy analysis.

Synthesis of particles
- -Synthesis of polymeric nanoparticles loaded with anti-inflammatory or chemotherapeutic drugs using a sonication-emulsion technique; - Synthesis of microparticles loaded with anti-inflammatory using the hydrogel template method; - Evaluation of particle size and size distribution using dynamic light scattering (DLS) and Coulter Counter ; - Evaluation of particles biopharmaceutical properties: drug loading efficiency, encapsulation efficiency and drug release profile using spectrophotometric or a liquid chromatographic approach; - Use of Scanning electron microscopy