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Developments in materials science open up a range of potential engineering innovations that allow transforming many aspects of current business and industrial products and systems. Materials innovation is, indeed, at the heart of technological progress. 

Materials innovation results from basic science and engineering research, aimed at understanding the materials structures and properties. However, this knowledge must be directed in a highly impact-oriented way. The transfer of knowledge and technology from basic research to final products includes consideration of factors such as materials and product life cycles, the abundance of materials, the technical, as well as the ecological and economic feasibility of materials engineering and processing.

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How we can help you

Industrial Smart Materials provides technical support to companies and institutions in need of expertise in the field of materials science and engineering. Our facilities and multidisciplinary expertise enable us to create new materials or to modify the properties of existing ones for creating innovative products. 

By partnering with us, companies benefit from the latest results from research, using cutting-edge laboratory infrastructure.

We actively involve the clients in the projects to help ensure the result meets their needs. Clients participate during the initial exploration and problem definition, and during development to help evaluate proposed solutions.

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Featured projects

We work with national and international partners on projects that range in both scale and scope. Our featured projects represent recent works as we continue to generate knowledge and solutions for practical applications.

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Does Industrial Smart Materials produce and sell materials?
No, Industrial Smart Materials offers services relating to innovative materials and technologies. The materials proposed in the research projects are produced and sold by third-party companies.

How the costs of research projects are calculated?
Only incremental costs (direct costs and overheads) of the project are paid by the company since IIT is a no-profit foundation and therefore does not calculate any markup on the project.

How do I reach out to IIT confidentially and still protect my intellectual property?
IIT usually signs a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with its customers to protect confidential information.

How can I be sure that the identified solutions work?
Research is always aimed at new findings and it has an intrinsic component of risk. Only specific tests can prove the effectiveness of a solution that is not guaranteed a priori. In some projects, a feasibility study can reduce the risk and limit the cost of research to the first stage only.

How about the generated IP?
Generally speaking, IIT maintains the ownership of the intellectual property on the results of the projects and grants to the company a license (exclusive or non-exclusive), capable to put the company in a solid position for downstream commercialization phase.

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