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Nisarg Rohitbhai Soni

Post Doc
Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
Research center

Dr. Nisarg Soni completed his PhD in Biomedical Sciences with a specialization on nuclear medicine from the Kyungpook National University (with Prof. Jeongsoo Yoo) in 2018. During his doctoral thesis, he used radioisotope to tag a variety of biomolecules like peptides, nanoparticles, and antibodies, and then those were utilized for a range of in vitro and in vivo studies, which has yielded 9 research papers and 3 patents. He was specially involved in projects for aimed to enhance antibody based radioimaging contrast by blood pool radioactivity elimination using biorthogonal chemistry, detection and quantification of gasotransmitter H2S in living systems using PET imaging, radiolabling of peptides for apoptosis detection, development of bifunctional chelators for Cu-64 labeling, low temperature radioflorination technique for antibody labeling, etc. He has a wide experience on working with a range of medically relevant radioisotopes from halogens like 18F, 123/124/125/131I to radio metals like 64Cu, 68Ga, 90Y, 111In and 177Lu.

He has been working as a post-doc in IIT since 2018, where he was initially associated with ERC starting grant ICARO, and his main goal was to develop protocols for radiolabeling nanoparticles via a cation exchange technique. Once they were radiolabelled, next step was to evaluate the multimodal therapy using radiotherapy along with phototherapy or magnetic hyperthermia on biological systems. So far, these works have yielded 1 research paper and 1 review article. In 2020, he has won the Marie Curie Individual Fellowship – seal of excellence. This project was funded internally by IIT, and at present, he is working on the same. This project involves a development of a multimodal system capable of radiotherapy, photodynamic therapy and magnetic hyperthermia.

All Publications
Gavilán H., Avugadda S. K., Fernández-Cabada T., Soni N., Cassani M., Mai B. T., Chantrell R. W., Pellegrino T.
Magnetic nanoparticles and clusters for magnetic hyperthermia: optimizing their heat performance and developing combinatorial therapies to tackle cancer
Chemical Society Reviews
Review Journal
Avellini T., Soni N., Silvestri N., Fiorito S., De Donato F., De Mei C., Walther M., Cassani M., Ghosh S., Manna L., Stephan H., Pellegrino T.
Cation Exchange Protocols to Radiolabel Aqueous Stabilized ZnS, ZnSe, and CuFeS2 Nanocrystals with 64Cu for Dual Radio‐ and Photo‐Thermal Therapy
Advanced Functional Materials
Awards and Achievements
Soni N.
Seal of Excellence H2020-MSCA-IF-2019 - Single nanoplatform mediated trimodal cancer therapy: Merging selfactivated photodynamic therapy with radiotherapy and magnetic hyperthermia