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Denis Garoli

Research center

Since 2014 Denis Garoli has been an affiliated researcher at Italian Institute of Technology where he works on the fabrication of plasmonic nanopores for enhanced spectroscopies.
Denis Garoli obtained his master degree in physics in 2003 and his PhD degree from the University of Padova (2008). He also get a master degree in biotechnology in 2011.  His main interests are nanophotonics, plasmonics, DNA nanotechnology, nanoscopy, single molecule techniques and sensing. From 2016 to 2019 he was co-coordinator of H2020-FET Open ProseqO proejct. Now he is the coordinator of the following EU projects: 

2020-2024: H2020-FET Open DNA-Fairylight 

2022-2026: Horizon EU - MSCA Doctoral Network DYNAMO

2023-2026: Horizon EU - Pathfinder Open - 3D-BRICKS


Title: Master Degree in Physics
Institute: University of Padova
Location: Padova
Country: Italy
From: 1999 To: 2003

Title: PhD in Space Science
Institute: University of Padova
Location: Padova
Country: Italy
From: 2005 To: 2008

Title: Master Degree in Biotechnology
Institute: University of Padova
Location: Padova
Country: Italy
From: 2008 To: 2011

All Publications
Zhang S., Liu M., Cui H., Ziaee M. A., Sun R., Chen L., Chen D., Garoli D., Wang J.
Detection of Small-Sized DNA Fragment in a Glassy Nanopore by Utilization of CRISPRCas12a as Converter System
Article Journal
Doricchi A., Platnich C. M., Gimpel A., Horn F., Earle M., Lanzavecchia G., Cortajarena A.L., Liz-Marzan L. L., Liu N., Heckel R., Grass R. N., Krahne R., Keyser U. F., Garoli D.
Emerging approaches to DNA data storage: challenges and prospects
ACS Nano
Li W., Zhou J., Maccaferri N., Krahne R., Wang K., Garoli D.
Enhanced Optical Spectroscopy for Multiplexed DNA and Protein- Sequencing with Plasmonic Nanopores: Challenges and Prospects
Analytical Chemistry
Mupparapu R., Cunha J., Tantussi F., Jacassi A., Summerer L., Patrini M., Giugni A., Maserati L., Alabastri A., Garoli D., Proietti Zaccaria R.
High-Frequency Light Rectification by Nanoscale Plasmonic Conical Antenna in Point-Contact-Insulator-Metal Architecture
Advanced Energy Materials
Santi G., Favaro G., Corso A. J., Lubin P., Bazzan M., Ragazzoni R., Garoli D., Pelizzo M. G.
Multilayers for directed energy accelerated lightsails
Communications Materials