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Federico Rocchi

PhD Student
Functional Neuroimaging
Research center
Federico obtained his MSc in Neuroscience from the University of Trento. During his career, he has performed research activities in various labs around Italy working with different animal models. Federico is currently developing his doctoral studies at the Functional Neuroimaging Laboratory, directed by Dr. Alessandro Gozzi. His studies aim to identify the neural basis of brain-wide functional connectivity and its disruption in brain disorders.
Top Publications
Serb A., Corna A., George R., Khiat A., Rocchi F., Reato M., Maschietto M., Mayr C., Indiveri G., Vassanelli S., Prodromakis T.
Author Correction: Memristive synapses connect brain and silicon spiking neurons (Scientific Reports, (2020), 10, 1, (2590), 10.1038/s41598-020-58831-9)
Scientific Reports, vol. 10, (no. 1)
Canella C., Rocchi F., Noei S., Gutierrez-Barragan D., Coletta L., Galbusera A., Pagani M., Pasqualetti M., Iurilli G., Panzeri S., Gozzi A.
Cortical silencing results in paradoxical fMRI over-connectivity
Poster Conference
Trakoshis S., Martinez-Canada P., Rocchi F., Canella C., You W., Chakrabarti B., Ruigrok A.N., Bullmore E.T., Suckling J., Markicevic M., Zerbi V., Bailey A.J., Baron-Cohen S., Bolton P.F., Bullmore E.T., Carrington S., Catani M., Chakrabarti B., Craig M.C., Daly E.M., Deoni S.C., Ecker C., Happe F., Henty J., Jezzard P., Johnston P., Jones D.K., Lai M.-C., Lombardo M.V., Madden A., Mullins D., Murphy C.M., Murphy D.G., Pasco G., Ruigrok A.N., Sadek S.A., Spain D., Stewart R., Suckling J., Wheelwright S.J., Williams S.C., Baron-Cohen S., Gozzi A., Lai M.-C., Panzeri S., Lombardo M.V.
Intrinsic excitation-inhibition imbalance affects medial prefrontal cortex differently in autistic men versus women
eLife, vol. 9
Article Journal