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Kebria M.R.S., Rahimpour A., Salestan S.K., Seyedpour S.F., Jafari A., Banisheykholeslami F., Tavajohi Hassan Kiadeh N.
Hyper-branched dendritic structure modified PVDF electrospun membranes for air gap membrane distillation
Desalination, vol. 479
Kebria M.R.S., Rahimpour A.
Membrane distillation: basics, advances, and applications
Advances in Membrane Technologies, Publisher: IntechOpen
Mousavinejad A., Rahimpour A., Shirzad Kebria M.R., Khoshhal Salestan S., Sadrzadeh M., Tavajohi Hassan Kiadeh N.
Nickel-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks to Improve the CO2/CH4Separation Capability of Thin-Film Pebax Membranes
Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, vol. 59, (no. 28), pp. 12834-12844
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Tailoring the Biocidal Activity of Novel Silver-Based Metal Azolate Frameworks
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, vol. 8, (no. 20), pp. 7588-7599
Kebria M.R.S., Rahimpour A., Bakeri G., Abedini R.
Experimental and theoretical investigation of thin ZIF-8/chitosan coated layer on air gap membrane distillation performance of PVDF membrane
Desalination, vol. 450, pp. 21-32
Kebria M.S., Rahimpour A., Abedini R.
Preparation and characterisation of new microporous Elvaloy4170 coated PVDF membrane for desalination by air gap membrane distillation
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Graphene quantum dots modified polyvinylidenefluride (PVDF) nanofibrous membranes with enhanced performance for air Gap membrane distillation
Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification, vol. 126, pp. 222-231
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Pesticides removal from water using modified piperazine-based nanofiltration (NF) membranes
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SiOinf2/inf modified polyethyleneimine-based nanofiltration membranes for dye removal from aqueous and organic solutions
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Kebria M.R.S.
Nanofiltration membranes synthesized from polyethyleneimine for removal of MgSO4 from aqueous solution (RESEARCH NOTE)
International Journal of Engineering, Transactions B: Applications, vol. 27, (no. 8), pp. 1173-1178
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