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Chiara Scognamiglio

PostDoc researcher
Post Doc
Nanotechnologies for Neurosciences
Research center

Dr Chiara Scognamiglio is a research scientist graduated in Mechanical Engineering (BSc) and Nanobiotechnologies (MSc) at University of Rome La Sapienza.

In 2014, She joined the Institut de Physique de Nice (InPhyNi) for a PhD thesis in co-tutel with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of La Sapienza on cavitation in biomimetic systems. Under the supervision of Dr Xavier Noblin at InPhyNi, She developed a novel hydrogel sensor inspired by fern plants, where bubble nucleation is triggered by water evaporation resulting in a avalanche-like cavitation event. At DIMA, She used a numerical approach to evaluate the acoustic signature of a confined cavitation bubble and explore fluid dynamics at small spatiotemporal scale, inaccessible with available experimental methods.
During her stay in Rome, She carried out her experimental work at Center for Life Nano- and Neuro- Science (CL2NS) where She 
realized a human vessel-on-chip and quantified the permeability of the endothelial barrier under the effect of acoustic cavitation.  

She is currently a postdoc researcher at CLNS carrying out interdisciplinary projects at the intersection between engineering, biology and physics focusing on the fabrication of biomimetic systems. In particular, She works on the development of a cutting-edge technology pairing microfluidics and extrusion bioprinting to create 3D human functional tissue substitutes. 


Title: PhD
Institute: Institut de Physique de Nice
Location: Nice
Country: France
From: 2014 To: 2017

All Publications
Cidonio G., Costantini M., Pierini F., Scognamiglio C., Agarwal T., Barbetta A.
3D Printing of Biphasic Inks: Beyond Single-Scale Architectural Control
Journal of Materials Chemistry C
Review Journal
Marcotulli M., Tirelli M. C., Volpi M., Jaroszewicz J., Scognamiglio C., Kasprzycki P., Karnowski K., Swieszkowski W., Ruocco G., Costantini M., Cidonio G., Barbetta A.
Microfluidic 3D Printing of Emulsion Ink for Engineering Porous Functionally Graded Materials
Advanced Materials Technologies
Article Journal
Iafrate L., Benedetti M.C., Donsante S., Rosa A., Corsi A., Oreffo O.C.R., Riminucci M., Ruocco G., Scognamiglio C., and Cidonio G.
Modelling skeletal pain harnessing tissue engineering
In vitro models
Scognamiglio C., Soloperto A., Ruocco G., Cidonio G.
Bioprinting cells: building physiological tissues one cell at a time
American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology
Review Journal
Silvani G., Scognamiglio C., Caprini D., Marino L., Chinappi M., Kiani M. F., Sinibaldi G., Peruzzi G., Casciola C. M.
Reversible USMB-induced junctional opening in an artificial endothelial layer