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The treatment of persistent developmental stuttering: shaping of motor neural functioning to improve fluency

Developmental stuttering (DS) is a speech disorder characterized by alterations in brain circuits. Brain stimulation may be able to shape their altered connectivity but the limited neurophysiological knowledge of DS limits its potential impact. This project seeks to expand neurophysiological understanding of DS by building upon the suggestion that it may be part of a wider problem affecting general motor control. We will investigate neurophysiological indexes, and relationship with ongoing neural dynamics, during speech/non-speech motor/perceptual tasks. Better knowledge about the neurophysiological alterations of DS will drive the design of new protocols based on transcranial electrical stimulation, in association with canonical behavioral treatment. Effect will be assessed by measuring outcome on neurophysiological indexes, as well as on stuttering scales. This project will provide high-impact insight into the functioning of DS, proposing innovative/personalized rehabilitation.

Project information
Ricerca finalizzata 2018 - GR - D'Ausilio
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Alessandro D'Ausilio
Alessandro D'Ausilio
Multiscale Brain Communication
Total budget: 127.930,00€
Total contribution: 67.930,00€