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Riccardo Di Corato

Affiliated Researcher
Smart Healthcare Technologies
Research center
Experience External

Title: Researcher
Institute: Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems, CNR-IMM
Location: Lecce
Country: Italia
From: 2019 To: null

All Publications
De Castro F., Stefano E., Fanizzi F.P., Di Corato R., Abdalla P., Luchetti F., Nasoni M.G., Rinaldi R., Magnani M., Benedetti M., Antonelli A.
Compatibility of Nucleobases Containing Pt(II) Complexes with Red Blood Cells for Possible Drug Delivery Applications
Molecules, vol. 28, (no. 19)
Slavu L.M., Antonelli A., Scarpa E.S., Abdalla P., Wilhelm C., Silvestri N., Pellegrino T., Scheffler K., Magnani M., Rinaldi R., Di Corato R.
Optimization of magnetic nanoparticles for engineering erythrocytes as theranostic agents
Biomaterials Science
Bigall N.C., Rodio M., Avugadda S., Leal M.P., Di Corato R., Conteh J.S., Intartaglia R., Pellegrino T.
Scaling Up Magnetic Nanobead Synthesis with Improved Stability for Biomedical Applications
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, vol. 126, (no. 51), pp. 9605-9617
Slavu L.M., Rinaldi R., Di Corato R.
Application in nanomedicine of manganese-Zinc ferrite nanoparticles
Applied Sciences (Switzerland), vol. 11, (no. 23)
Slavu L.M., Di Corato R., Antonelli A., Scarpa E.S., Magnani M., Rinaldi R.
Tailoring superparamagnetic nanoparticles for entrapment into red blood cells
Il Nuovo cimento della Societá italiana di fisica. C, vol. 44, (no. 4-5)
Conference Paper Journal