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Massimiliano Scaccia

Post Doc Researcher
Post Doc
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Massimiliano Scaccia , . I am working as a post doc researcher at the Industrial robotics Unit at IIT. Currently in our lab I am working on project IRCRAM which is a project that we won via Lombardy region. Here I am working on sensor integration for improving the control of a 3D printing machine. I have recently finished work on the  robot maintenance project on ‘Ponte S Giorgio’

Master Degree in Elettronic Engineering from the University La Sapienza of Rome,

PhD in  Mechanics , Ph.D. in industrial production ,Micro-robot  Compliant (with honors) from the La Sapienza Of Roma with a thesis on “Design and prototype,implementation compliant micromanipulator for endoscopy”.

with decades of experience in design, research and development in the field of Robotics ,Micro-robot, Micro-robot compliant for industrial applications, Robot rescue, Agri robots, robot application to royal jelly collection, Bio-Engineering, Automation, control systems and complex mechatronic systems, working on high-tech projects and following working groups, both in private companies and in academia.

Research  at University  of La sapienza Of Rome “Compliant micro-mechanisms for micro-robotic  “

 Robotics research at University S.S.S.U.P of Pisa “Design and integration of robotic limb prosthesis ,cyber Hand”

 Robotics research At University Campus Biomedico (Rome) “Design of data acquisition and processing systems for biomedical ultra-sensor-on toys for children”

Micro-robot  Compliant At La Sapienza Of Roma  “Design and prototype,implementation compliant micromanipulator for endoscopy”.

Research center CIRPS Rome ,” HOST Automotive  (prototype electric car four-wheel steered, the European project)”

Research period as visiting Ph.D. Aston University School of Life & Health (UK, Birmingham).