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Dmytro Shmal

Post-doctoral fellow
Affiliated Researcher
Neuroscience and Smart Materials
Research center

Title: MD
Institute: University of Genoa
Location: Genoa
Country: Italy
From: 2007 To: 2017

Title: PhD
Institute: University of Genoa/IIT
Location: Genoa
Country: Italy
From: 2019 To: 2022


- Histopathology
- Confocal microscopy
- Image analysis


In vivo electrophysiology
- Visual evoked potentials
- Chronic cortical recordings in awake animals

Handling of in vivo rodent models
- Surgical implantation of chronic recording arrays
- Cortical microinjections

All Publications
Shmal D., Mantero G., Floss T., Benfenati F., Maya-Vetencourt J.F.
Restoring vision in adult amblyopia by enhancing plasticity through deletion of the transcriptional repressor REST
Article Journal
Shmal D., Mantero G., Floss T., Maya-Vetencourt J.F., Benfenati F.
Involvement of The Transcription Factor REST in Visual Cortex Plasticity
FENS Forum 2022
Poster Conference
Francia S., Shmal D., Di Marco S., Chiaravalli G., Maya-Vetencourt J.F., Mantero G., Michetti C., Cupini S., Manfredi G., DiFrancesco M.L., Rocchi A., Perotto S., Attanasio M., Sacco R., Bisti S., Mete M., Pertile G., Lanzani G., Colombo E., Benfenati F.
Light-induced charge generation in polymeric nanoparticles restores vision in advanced-stage retinitis pigmentosa rats
Nature Communications, vol. 13, (no. 1)
Francia S., Di Marco S., DiFrancesco M. L., Ferrari D. V., Shmal D., Cavalli A., Pertile G., Attanasio M., Maya-Vetencourt J. F., Manfredi G., Lanzani G., Benfenati F., Colombo E.
P3ht-Graphene Device for the Restoration of Visual Properties in a Rat Model of Retinitis Pigmentosa
Advanced Materials Technologies
DiFrancesco M.L., Lodola F., Colombo E., Maragliano L., Bramini M., Paterno G.M., Baldelli P., Serra M.D., Lunelli L., Marchioretto M., Grasselli G., Cimo S., Colella L., Fazzi D., Ortica F., Vurro V., Eleftheriou C.G., Shmal D., Maya-Vetencourt J.F., Bertarelli C., Lanzani G., Benfenati F.
Neuronal firing modulation by a membrane-targeted photoswitch
Nature Nanotechnology, vol. 15, (no. 4), pp. 296-306