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Research center

+ EEG & eye-tracking
+ naturalistic stimuli
+ biomarkers reliability
+ neural oscillations
+ multisensory integration 
+ predictive coding


Title: PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience
Institute: Institute for Advanced Studies IUSS Pavia + S.Raffaele University Milan
Location: Pavia
Country: Italy
From: 2015 To: 2018

Experience External

Title: Post Doc
Institute: Scientific Institute IRCCS Medea - Child Psychopathology Unit
Location: Lecco
Country: Italy
From: 2018 To: 2021


EEG + eyetracking (eeglab+erplab, fieldtrip, MNE-python, eye-eeg toolbox)

All Publications
Ronconi L., Vitale A., Federici A., Mazzoni N., Battaglini L., Molteni M., Casartelli L.
Neural dynamics driving audio-visual integration in autism
Cerebral Cortex, vol. 33, (no. 3), pp. 543-556
Algermissen J., Busch N., Cesnaite E., Fischer N. L., Gianelli C., Koen J. D., Marshall T., Navid M. S., Nilsonne G., Pascarella A., Puoliväli T., Senoussi M., Trübutschek D., Vinding M. C., Vitale A., Yang Y.-F., Yeaton J.
EEGManyPipelines: Robustness of EEG results across analysis pipelines
Open Science Framework
Article in Press Journal
Fraschini M., La Cava S.M., Rodriguez G., Vitale A., Demuru M.
Scorepochs: A Computer-Aided Scoring Tool for Resting-State M/EEG Epochs
Sensors, vol. 22, (no. 8)
Ronconi L., Vitale A., Federici A., Pini E., Molteni M., Casartelli L.
Altered neural oscillations and connectivity in the beta band underlie detail-oriented visual processing in autism
NeuroImage: Clinical, vol. 28
Casartelli L., Federici A., Fumagalli L., Cesareo A., Nicoli M., Ronconi L., Vitale A., Molteni M., Rizzolatti G., Sinigaglia C.
Neurotypical individuals fail to understand action vitality form in children with autism spectrum disorder
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 117, (no. 44), pp. 27712-27718