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Anderson Brazil Nardin

PhD Student
Soft BioRobotics Perception
Research center

Anderson B. Nardin is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in BioRobotics at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (SSSA). His ongoing research focuses on innovative developments in the field of BioRobotics, with a particular emphasis on simulation and the application of robotic technologies. In 2020, Anderson earned his Ph.D. in Space Engineering and Technology from the National Institute for Space Research (INPE). His academic journey also includes an M.S. in Space Engineering and Technology from INPE in 2015 and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with Specialization in Electronics from the University Center of FEI (FEI) in 2012. He is an integral part of the Soft BioRobotics Perception Group. His interests cover a broad spectrum of areas, including the design and development of robotic systems, advanced computer science algorithms, and their applications in challenging environments. Anderson is particularly passionate about integrating robotic systems with bio-inspired technologies to create innovative solutions for complex real-world problems.