iFeel-You Bracelet

iFeel-You Bracelet

Social distancing has become a keyword in our everyday life since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. WHO has strongly highlighted the importance of social distancing to contain global pandemic.

IIT is working on a new wearable smart band to support people in dealing with COVID19 pandemic while they are working or in their daily life. More precisely, IIT developed a smart band prototype capable of monitoring human body parameters and sending an alert when the body temperature is higher than 37.5 degrees.

Moreover, the smart band can monitor the distance between people. The wristband reads, thanks to radio signal on the Bluetooth frequencies,  the motion of the human body and monitors the distance from another wristband. When two wristbands are in proximity, they vibrate and emit an alert signal, thus helping people respect the necessary safety distance.

The device can be used indoors, in factories and offices, but also outdoors, in places such as tourist villages, sporting clubs or entertainment parks.

The transition from the prototype to the real product will be possible with the involvement of companies and investors interested in manufacturing it on a large scale and in a short time.

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