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Massimiani A., Panini F., Marasso S.L., Cocuzza M., Quaglio M., Pirri C.F., Verga F., Viberti D.
2D Microfluidic Devices for Pore-Scale Phenomena Investigation: A Review
Water (Switzerland), vol. 15, (no. 6)
Zaccagnini P., Serrapede M., Armandi M., Bianco S., Carminati S., Zampato M., Melis G., Pirri C.F., Lamberti A.
A high-temperature high-pressure supercapacitor based on ionic liquids for harsh environment applications
Electrochimica Acta, vol. 447
Pregnolato G., Rimini D., Baldan F., Maistrello L., Salvalaggio S., Celadon N., Ariano P., Pirri C.F., Turolla A.
Clinical Features to Predict the Use of a sEMG Wearable Device (REMO®) for Hand Motor Training of Stroke Patients: A Cross-Sectional Cohort Study
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol. 20, (no. 6)
Article Journal
Tosetto B., Gastaldi M., Renno G., Pirri C.F., Barolo C., Fin A., Roppolo I.
Colorimetric 3D printable base-detectors exploiting halocromic core-substituted naphthalenediimides
Polymer Chemistry
Massimiani A., Panini F., Marasso S.L., Vasile N., Quaglio M., Coti C., Barbieri D., Verga F., Pirri C.F., Viberti D.
Design, Fabrication, and Experimental Validation of Microfluidic Devices for the Investigation of Pore-Scale Phenomena in Underground Gas Storage Systems
Micromachines, vol. 14, (no. 2)
Arcoraci D., Zaccagnini P., Castellino M., Pedico A., Bianco S., Serrapede M., Pirri C.F., Lamberti A.
Enhancing the performance and mechanical stability of 2D-based hybrid micro-supercapacitors using dendritic-gold as framework layer
Electrochimica Acta, vol. 453
Zoli M., Roldan D., Guzman H., Castellino M., Chiodoni A., Bejtka K., Russo N., Hernandez S.
Facile and scalable synthesis of Cu2O-SnO2 catalyst for the photoelectrochemical CO2 conversion
Catalysis Today
Abdel Azim A., Bellini R., Vizzarro A., Bassani I., Pirri C.F., Menin B.
Highlighting the Role of Archaea in Urban Mine Waste Exploitation and Valorisation
Recycling, vol. 8, (no. 1)
Ricci L., Seifert A., Bernacchi S., Fino D., Pirri C.F., Re A.
Leveraging substrate flexibility and product selectivity of acetogens in two-stage systems for chemical production
Microbial Biotechnology, vol. 16, (no. 2), pp. 218-237
Cacocciola N., Marasso S.L., Canavese G., Cocuzza M., Pirri C.F., Frascella F.
Open-Source Culture Platform for Multi-Cell Type Study with Integrated Pneumatic Stimulation
Electronics (Switzerland), vol. 12, (no. 1)
Parmeggiani M., Ballesio A., Battistoni S., Carcione R., Cocuzza M., D'Angelo P., Erokhin V.V., Marasso S.L., Rinaldi G., Tarabella G., Vurro D., Pirri C.F.
Organic Bioelectronics Development in Italy: A Review
Micromachines, vol. 14, (no. 2)
Maruccia E., Piovano A., Lourenco M.A.O., Priamushko T., Cavallo M., Bocchini S., Bonino F., Pirri F.C., Kleitz F., Gerbaldi C.
Revealing the competitive effect of N2 and H2O towards CO2 adsorption in N-rich ordered mesoporous carbons
Materials Today Sustainability, vol. 21
Miro R., Guzman H., Godard C., Gual A., Zammillo F., Schubert T.J.S., Iliev B., Chiodoni A., Hernandez S., de los Bernardos M.D.
Solar-driven CO2 reduction catalysed by hybrid supramolecular photocathodes and enhanced by ionic liquids
Catalysis Science and Technology, vol. 13, (no. 6), pp. 1708-1717
Agliuzza M., Mezza A., Sacco A.
Solar-driven integrated carbon capture and utilization: Coupling CO2 electroreduction toward CO with capture or photovoltaic systems
Applied Energy, vol. 334
Cafiso D., Septevani A.A., Noe C., Schiller T., Pirri C.F., Roppolo I., Chiappone A.
3D printing of fully cellulose-based hydrogels by digital light processing
Sustainable Materials and Technologies, vol. 32

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