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Stefano Perissinotto

Senior Technician

Research Line

Nanomaterials for Energy and Lifescience


CNST@PoliMi Milano


Via Pascoli 70/3
+39 022 3999 878
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Stefano Perissinotto received his master degree in Telecommunications Engineering in 2005 and his Ph.D. in Physics in 2009, both from Politecnico di Milano. He also worked at Philips Research Labs Eindhoven. After Ph.D. graduation he served as Technical Marketing Manager at CHG Group in the field of bio and renewable plastics. In 2010 he was a Junior Post Doc at Center for Nano Science and Technology of IIT at PoliMi. Since 2011 he is a junior technician at IIT-CNST at PoliMi.

During his career in research he worked on characterization of organic lasers, implementation of all-optical ultrafast modulation techniques for distributed feedback lasers and optical spectroscopy of organic materials . He also contributed to the development of organic photodetectors for artificial retina and colorimetry. At Philips he worked on self assembled monolayer junctions for molecular electronics. He is now involved in projects concerning fabrication and optical characterization of light scattering layers for dye-sensitized solar cells, bulk-heterojunction photovoltaics, self assembled optoelectronic devices and photochromic materials.


Development of novel flexible substrates for integration between building elements and organic photovoltaics

Light scattering systems for light harvesting and long term stability enhancement in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Photochromic materials as optical modulators and sensors

Development of efficient organic capacitors and batteries

Absorption and Fluorescence spectroscopy of scattering materials

Selected Publications

Selected Publications in chronological order (newer first):


Ultrafast Energy Transfer in Ultrathin Organic Donor/Acceptor Blend

A.R. Srimath Kandada, G. Grancini, A. Petrozza, S. Perissinotto, D. Fazzi, S.S.K. Raavi, G.Lanzani

SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 3, 2073 (2013) 


Reply to "Measuring internal quantum efficiency to demonstrate hot exciton dissociation"

G. Grancini, M. Binda, L. Criante, S. Perissinotto, M. Maiuri, D. Fazzi, A. Petrozza, H.J. Egelhaaf, D. Brida, G. Cerullo, G. Lanzani

NATURE MATERIALS, 12, 594-595 (2013) 

Control of Optical Properties through photochromism: a promising approach to photonics

A.Bianco, S. Perissinotto, M.Garbugli, G. Lanzani, C. Bertarelli

LASER AND PHOTONICS REVIEWS  5, 6, 711-736 (2011)


Upscaling, integration and electrical characterization of molecular junctions

P.A. Van Hal, E.C.P. Smits, T.C.T. Geuns, H.B. Akkerman, B.C. De Brito, S. Perissinotto, G. Lanzani, A.J. Kronemeijer, V. Geskin, J. Cornil, P.W.M. Blom, B. De Boer, D.M. De Leeuw 

NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY 3, 12, 749-754 (2008)


Stark spectroscopy of excited-state transitions in a conjugated polymer

C. Gadermaier, F. Grasse, S. Perissinotto, M. Graf, F. Galbrecht, U. Scherf, E.J.W. List, G. Lanzani

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS   100, 5, 057401 (2008)


Ultrafast optical switching in distributed feedback polymer laser

S. Perissinotto, G. Lanzani, M. Zavelani-Rossi, M. Salerno, G. Gigli

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 91, 19, 191108 (2007)  




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