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Riccardo Carzino

Senior Technician

Research Line

Smart Materials


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


+39 010 2896 426


Educational history

o    9/06/2004: Master’s Degree in Physics at the University of Genova, thesis topic: \\"Organic Film structure: X-Ray reflectivity measurements\\". Tutor: Prof. Ranieri Rolandi.

Research experience

o    October 2004 - September 2006: fellowship on morphological properties of amyloid proteins and their interaction with lipid monolayer at air-water interface, using X-Ray reflectivity techniques

o    June 2004 - September 2004: Physics Department of Genova, research on interactions betweenprotein and lipidmembrane, in collaboration with the INFM

Didactic activity

o    2004 – 2006: Cycle of laboratory lessons on Biological Physics for the course of bachelor in Physics, University of Genova.

o    25 June – 9 July 2006: Tutor for the 9th European Intensive Course - Physics and chemistry of multifunctional materials, ‘The X-ray Reflectivity technique‘, Department of Chemistry, University of Genova.

o    27 February 2006 – 02 December 2006: General Physics teaching (exercises) at the University of Genova, Civil Engineering faculty

Laboratory activity

o    development of the X-ray reflectometer building up at the Department of Physics of Genova for measurements on lipid films at air/water interface

o    development of an acquisition system for measurements of the insertion kinetics of protein in lipid monolayers at air/water interface

o    design of a mechanical instrument for the alignement of amyloid fibrils for X-ray diffraction measurements

Technical abilities

Multilayer lipid films preparation (Langmuir-Blodgett technique)

o    Pressure-area isotherms on lipid monolayer at air/water interface

o    Liposome preparation

o    X-ray reflectivity on monolayer at air/water interface and on multilayered films

o    Lightscattering and Z-Potential

o    Confocal microscopy

o    FRET

o    AFM (Atomic force microscopy)

Selected Publications


R Carzino, F Pignatelli, D Farina, M Scotto, L Marini, B Torre, G Bertoni, G Caputo, P D Cozzoli, A Diaspro and A Athanassiou “Light controlled semiconductor nanoparticles dispersion in acrylate polymers”, Nanotechnology 25 (2014) 125702


S. Sciortino, F. Brandi, R. Carzino, M. Citroni, A. De Sio, S. Fanetti, S. Lagomarsino, E. Pace, G.Parrini, D. Passeri, A. Scorzoni, L. Servoli, L. Tozzetti “Electrical properties of laser-bonded Silicon-On-Diamond samples” , Nuclear Instruments and Methods In Physics Research A. Vol 730,2013, Pages 159–163



F. Brandi,N. Burdet, R. Carzino, and A. Diaspro “Very large spot size effect in nanosecond

laser drilling efficiency of silicon”25 October 2010 / Vol. 18, No. 22 / OPTICS EXPRESS

Francesca Pignatelli, Riccardo Carzino, Marco Salerno, Marco Scotto, Claudio Canale, Monica Distaso, Francesco Rizzi, Gianvito Caputo, Pantaleo Davide Cozzoli, Roberto Cingolani, Athanassia Athanassiou Directional enhancement of refractive index and tunable wettability of polymeric coatings due to preferential dispersion of colloidal TiO2 nanorods towards their surface” , THIN SOLID FILMS (2010)

Lagomarsino S., Parrini G., Sciortino S., Fossati A., Citroni M., Ferrari G., Gorelli F., Santoro M., Molesini G., Vannoni M., Marras A., Scorzoni A., Ranieri A., Berdondini L., Brandi F., Carzino R., Diaspro A., Scotto M., Torre B, “New perspectives for the silicon-on-diamond material”, Proceedings of Science. RD09 – 029: 1–8.

D. Fragouli, L. Persano, G. Paladini, D. Pisignano, R. Carzino, F. Pignatelli, R. Cingolani and A.Athanassiou, ‘Reversible diffraction efficiency of photochromic-polymer gratings related to photoinduced dimensional changes’, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, 18(11) 1617-1623, 21 May 2008

P. Rispoli, R. Carzino, T. Svaldo-Lanero, A. Relini, O. Cavalleri, A. Fasano,y G. M. Liuzzi,y G. Carlone,z, P. Riccio,z A. Gliozzi, and R. Rolandi, ‘ A Thermodynamic and Structural Study of Myelin Basic Protein in Lipid Membrane Models ’, Biophysical Journal Volume 93 September 2007 1999–2010


Riccardo Carzino, Francesca Pignatelli, Marco Scotto, Bruno Torre, Gianvito Caputo (NNL), Pantaleo Davide Cozzoli (NNL), Athanassia Athanassiou, Roberto Cingolani “Titanium dioxide nanoparticles homogeneous dispersion in acrylate polymer mixture by UV irradiation with short pulsed laser” Filled to Italian Patent Office TO2010A000240


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