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Rakshyakar Giri

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Corso Bettini 31, Rovereto, 38068, Italy; e-mail:
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Selected Publications

F. Gorrini, R. Giri, C. E. Avalos, S. Tambalo, S. Mannucci, L. Basso, N. Bazzanella, C. Dorigoni, M. Cazzanelli, P. Marzola, A. Miotello, and A. Bifone.     
Fast and sensitive detection of paramagnetic species using coupled charge and spin dynamics in strongly fluorescent nanodiamonds.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11, 24412 (2019).

R. Giri, C. Dorigoni, S. Tambalo, F. Gorrini, and A. Bifone.
Selective measurement of charge dynamics in an ensemble of nitrogen-vacancy centers in nanodiamond and bulk diamond. 
Physical Review B 99, 155426 (2019).

R. Giri, F. Gorrini, C. Dorigoni, C. Avalos, S. Tambalo, M. Cazzanelli, and A. Bifone.
Coupled charge and spin dynamics in high-density ensembles of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond. 
Physical Review B 98, 045401 (2018).

R. Giri, S. Cronenberger, M. M. Glazov, K. V. Kavokin, A. Lemaître, J. Bloch, M. Vladimirova, and D. Scalbert.
Nondestructive measurement of nuclear magnetization by off-resonant Faraday rotation.
Physical Review Letters 111, 087603 (2013).

R. Giri, S. Cronenberger, M. Vladimirova, D. Scalbert, K. V. Kavokin, M. M. Glazov, M. Nawrocki, A. Lemaître, and J. Bloch.
Giant photoinduced Faraday rotation due to the spin-polarized electron gas in an n-GaAs microcavity.
Physical Review B 85, 195313 (2012).


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