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Luca Lanzano

Affiliated Researcher

Research Line

Nanoscopy & NIC@IIT


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


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Past Employment

(2008-2013) Postdoc/Core Group Leader. Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics (LFD) – Department of Biomedical Engineering. University of California, Irvine, USA.
Main Research Projects:
-Develop and apply methods based on fluorescence microscopy (FRET, phasor analysis, Single Particle Tracking, FCS) for the study of protein-protein interaction and dynamics in live epithelial cell microvilli
-Development of a novel imaging method based on Particle Tracking for 3D imaging of subcellular structures with nanometer resolution
-Development of a method to measure dynamics of single molecules within single nuclear pore complexes in live cells
-Implementation of the Orbital Tracking method on a commercial microscope
Teaching Activity:
-Lecturer and teaching assistant of the course: Biospectroscopy (BME 295) during years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 – Department of Biomedical Engineering - University of California, Irvine
Advisor: Prof Enrico Gratton.


(2008)  Ph.D. in Physics, cum laude. University of Catania, Italy.
Thesis title: “Delayed Luminescence as a tool to investigate the biological organization”.

(2007)  Visiting researcher at Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics, University of California, Irvine.
Major activities:
– Image correlation and 3D imaging methods to investigate cell dynamics during wound healing
– Number & Brightness analysis of protein aggregation in neurodegenerative disease
– Fluctuation analysis to detect stiffness of collagen fibers

(2004) M.S. Physics, summa cum laude. University of Catania, Italy.
Thesis title: “Study of the interaction between Si-nanoclusters and Er3+ ions by means of variable time length laser pulse excitation”


(1)   Develop of a novel super-resolution method based on the encoding of spatial information into fluorescence dynamics

(2)   Application of live-cell compatible super-resolution methods to the investigation of large scale organization in chromatin

(3)   Super-resolution imaging of replication and transcription in cellular models of cancer

Selected Publications

Sarmento M., M. Oneto, S. Pelicci, L. Pesce, L. Scipioni, M. Faretta, L. Furia, G.I. Dellino, P.G. Pelicci, P. Bianchini, A. Diaspro and L. Lanzanò. Exploiting the tunability of stimulated emission depletion microscopy for super-resolution imaging of nuclear structures. Nature Communications (2018) 9:3415 DOI:10.1038/s41467-018-05963-2

L. Scipioni, M. Di Bona, G. Vicidomini, A. Diaspro & L. Lanzanò. Local raster image correlation spectroscopy generates high-resolution intracellular diffusion maps. Communications Biology (2018) 1: (2018) 1:10 []

L. Lanzanò, L. Scipioni, M. Di Bona, P. Bianchini, R. Bizzarri, F. Cardarelli, A. Diaspro & G. Vicidomini. Measurement of nanoscale three-dimensional diffusion in the interior of living cells by STED-FCS. Nature Communications 8:65 DOI: 10.1038/s41467-017-00117-2 (2017)

Scipioni L., E. Gratton, A. Diaspro, L. Lanzanò. Phasor Analysis of Local ICS Detects Heterogeneity in Size and Number of Intracellular Vesicles, Biophysical Journal (2016), 111, 619–629

L Lanzanò, I C Hernandez, M Castello, E Gratton, A Diaspro, and G Vicidomini. Encoding and decoding spatio-temporal information for super-resolution microscopy. Nature Communications 6:6701 (2015)

M D Brenner, R Zhou, D E. Conway, L Lanzanò, E Gratton, M A. Schwartz and T Ha.  Spider Silk Peptide Is a Compact, Linear Nanospring Ideal for Intracellular Tension Sensing. Nano Lett. (2016), 16 (3), 2096–2102

Lanzanò, L., and E. Gratton. Orbital single particle tracking on a commercial confocal microscope using piezoelectric stage feedback. Methods and Applications in Fluorescence 2.2 (2014): 024010.

L Lanzanò*, I Altamore* and E Gratton (2013) Dual channel detection of ultra low concentration of bacteria in real time by scanning fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Meas. Sci. Technol. 24 065702  (*equally contributing authors)

H. Giral*, D.A. Cranston*, L. Lanzano*, Y. Caldas, E. Sutherland, J. Rachelson, E. Dobrinskikh, E. J. Weinman, R. B. Doctor, E. Gratton, and M. Levi (2012) NHE3 Regulatory Factor 1 (NHERF1) Modulates Intestinal Na-dependent Phosphate Transporter (NaPi-2b) Expression in Apical Microvilli. Journal of Biological Chemistry 287(42): 35047-35056 (*equally contributing authors)

F. Cardarelli, L. Lanzano, and E. Gratton (2012). Capturing directed molecular motion in the nuclear pore complex of live cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109 (25): 9863-9868

L. Lanzano and E. Gratton (2012). Measurement of Distance With the Nanoscale Precise Imaging by Rapid Beam Oscillation Method. Microscopy Research and Technique 75(9): 1253-1264

H. Giral*, L. Lanzano*, Y. Caldas, J. Blaine, J. W. Verlander, T. Lei, E. Gratton, M. Levi (2011). Role of PDZK1 protein in apical membrane expression of renal sodium-coupled phosphate transporters. Journal of Biological Chemistry,  286; 15032-15042 (*equally contributing authors)

L. Lanzano*, T. Lei*, K. Okamura*, H. Giral, Y. A. Caldas, O. Masihzadeh, E. Gratton, M. Levi, J. Blaine (2011). Differential modulation of the molecular dynamics of the type IIa and IIc sodium phosphate cotransporters by parathyroid hormone. American Journal of Physiology. Cell Physiology 301(4): C850-861 (*equally contributing authors)

L. Lanzano, M. A. Digman, P. Fwu, H. Giral, M. Levi, and E. Gratton (2011). Nanometer-scale imaging by the modulation tracking method. Journal of Biophotonics, vol. 4; p. 415-424, doi: 10.1002/jbio.201100002


L. Lanzano, M. Digman and E. Gratton - Nanometer-Scale Optical Imaging by the Modulation Tracking (MT) method - US Patent 20120250000, 04 Oct 2012



 (2019) My First AIRC Grant: ‘Optical nanoscopy to investigate the origin and evolution of oncogene-induced genomic damage’ funded by AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research) (488k€ / 5 years)

 (2016) TRIDEO (TRansforming IDEas in Oncological research) award for the proposal: ‘Super-resolution imaging of the organization of transcription and replication during oncogene-induced replicative stress’ funded by AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research) (84.7k€ / 2 years)


(2016)  Winner of an AIRC-TRIDEO award

(2016) Winner of a Biophysical Society International Travel Award to attend the Biophysical Society 60th Annual Meeting, Los Angeles (CA)

(2015) Winner of a SIBPA Travel Award to attend the 59th Biophysical Meeting, Baltimore (MD)

(2013) Finalist for the ISSNAF Awards, Washington, DC October 29th, 2013

(2012) American Physiological Society Epithelial Transport Group Young Investigator Award

(1995) Winner of the 4th “Etniade di Matematica”, Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, University of Catania


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