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Jinoh Lee

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Jinoh Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea. He received the B.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering from Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea, in 2003 (awarded Summa Cum Laude, Top 2%) and the M.Sc. and the Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Daejeon, South Korea, in 2012. Since 2012, he has joined the Department of Advanced Robotics, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), Genoa, Italy, as a postdoctoral researcher, and was awarded a competitive grant from the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korean Government, titled as `Fostering next-generation researchers program' from 2013-2014. He received the Best Paper Award at IEEE International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (2004), and was also a finalist for the Best Interactive Paper Award at IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Humanoid Robots (2015).

He is currently a Research Scientist and has involved in projects such as Safe and Autonomous Physical Human-Aware Robot Interaction (SAPHARI) and Whole-body Adaptive Locomotion and Manipulation (WALK-MAN) funded by European Commission. In particular, he is a team member of WALK-MAN participating to final DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) on 5-6 June, 2015, Pomona USA, where strong contributions have been made to develop various manipulation skills on the humanoid WALK-MAN and low-level controllers.

His professional is about robotics and control engineering which includes as follows:

- Compliant system control for safe human-robot interaction, 
- Whole-body manipulation of high degrees-of-freedom humanoids,
- Cooperative control, coordination, and motion planning of dual-arm systems,
- Impedance control of single-arm and dual-arm robot,
- Robust control of nonlinear systems and their physical implementation,
- Position/force control of smart materials, e.g. shape memory alloys (SMAs) and Piezo-electric actuators (PEAs).

He is a Senior Member of IEEE (SM'17) and serves as the Associated Editor (AE) of IEEE ICRA since 2018; the Technical Committee (TC) of International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC), TC4.3 Robotics (since 2014); the TC of Humanoid Robots, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS); the Program Committee of 2016 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO), 2018 and 2017 Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS), and 2017 International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence (URAI); and as the reviewer for high ranked international journals (IEEE/ASME Mechatronics, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Elsevier Mechatronics, Elsevier Robotics and Autonomous System) and international conferences (ICRA, IROS and Humanoids).


He is currently involved in 

EUROBENCH H2020-ICT-2020-1 (EUropean ROBotic framework for bipedal locomotion bENCHmarking)

Project PHOLUS development of a robot to be used in high-risk military operations and development and research activities (Under the agreement of Defence Ministries of Italy and Singapore)


Past Projects

WALK-MAN FP7-ICT-2013-10 (Whole-body Adaptive Locomotion and Manipulation)

SAPHARI  FP7-ICT-2011-7 (Safe and Autonomous Physical Human-Aware Robot Interaction)

AMARSi FP6-ICT-248311 (Adaptive Modular Architecture for Rich Motor Skills)

Selected Publications

International Journal


[J22] Spandan Roy, Jinoh Lee*, and Simone Baldi, "A New Continuous-time Stability Perspective of Time-Delay Control: Introducing a State-Dependent Upper Bound Structure," IEEE Control Systems Letters, Vol. 3, Issue 2, pp475-480, April 2019. (*Corresponding author)

[J21] Jinoh Lee, H. Dallali, M. Jin, D.G. Caldwell, N.G. Tsagarakis, "Robust and Adaptive Dynamic Controller for Fully-actuated Robots in Operational Space under Uncertainties", Autonomous Robots, (SCI, IF: 2.24), Vol. 43, Issue 4, pp1023-1040, April 2019.

[J20] Spandan Roy, Indra Narayan Kar, Jinoh Lee*, Nikos Tsagarakis, and Darwin G. Caldwell, "Adaptive-Robust Control of a Class of Euler-Lagrange Systems with Parametric Variations Using Artificially Delayed Input and Position Feedback," IEEE Transactions on Control System Technology (SCI, IF: 4.88), Vol. 27, Issue 2, pp.603-615, March 2019 (*Corresponding author)

[J19] Jinoh Lee, Maolin Jin, Navvab Kashiri, Darwin G Caldwell, Nikolaos G Tsagarakis, “Inversion-Free Force Tracking Control of Piezoelectric Actuators Using Fast Finite-time Integral Terminal Sliding-Mode”, Mechatronics (Elsevier, SCI, IF: 2.42), Vol. 57, pp39-50, Feb, 2019


[J18] Jinoh Lee, Chan Lee, Nikos Tsagarakis, Sehoon Oh, "Residual-Based External Torque Estimation in Series Elastic Actuators over a Wide Stiffness Range: Frequency Domain Approach," IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L),  Vol. 3, Issue 3, pp1442 - 1449, July 2018 (presented in ICRA 2018)

[J17] Nikhil Deshpande, Giorgio Peretti, Francesco Mora, Luca Guastini, Jinoh Lee, Giacinto Barresi, Darwin G. Caldwell, Leonardo S. Mattos, "Design and Study of a Next Generation Computer Assisted System for Transoral Laser Microsurgery," OTO Open: Official Journal of the American Academy of Otolaryngology, Sage, Vol. 2, Issue 2, pp1-10, 2018

[J16] Dimitrios Kanoulas, Jinoh Lee, Darwin G. Caldwell, Nikos G. Tsagarakis, "Center-of-Mass Based Grasp Pose Adaptation using 3D Range and Force/Torque Sensing," International Journal of Humanoid Robotics (SCIE, IF: 0.90), Vol. 15, No. 4, 1850013 (25p), 2018

[J15] Wan-soo Kim, Jinoh Lee, Luka Peternel, Nikos Tsagarakis, Arash Ajoudani, "Anticipatory Robot Assistance for the Prevention of Human Static Joint Overloading in Human-Robot Collaboration", IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L), Vol. 1, Issue 1, pp 68-75, Jan. 2018, (presented in IROS 2017)


[J14] S. Roy, I.N. Kar, Jinoh Lee*, “Toward Position-Only Time-Delayed Control for Uncertain Euler-Lagrange Systems: Experiments on  Wheeled Mobile Robots,” IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L), Vol. 2, Issue 04, pp.1925-1932, Oct. 2017 (∗Corresponding author, oral presentation in IROS 2017, Vancouver, BC, Canada, September 24–28, 2017)

[J13] M. Jin, S.H. Kang, P.H. Chang, Jinoh Lee, "Robust Control of Robot Manipulators Using Inclusive and Enhanced Time Delay Control," ASME/IEEE Transactions on Mechatronics (SCI, IF:3.94), pp. 2141 - 2152, Vol.22, Issue 5, Oct. 2017

[J12] Nikos Tsagarakis et al., "WALK-MAN : A High Performance Humanoid Platform for Realistic Environments,Journal of Field Robotics (SCIE, IF: 3.46), Volume 34, Issue 7, pp. 1225–1259, October 2017

[J11] S. Roy, I.N. Kar, Jinoh Lee*, M. Jin, “Adaptive Robust Time-Delay Control for a Class of Uncertain Euler-Lagrange Systems,” IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (SCI, IF: 7.17), Vol.64, No.9, Issue 09, pp.7109-7119, Sept. 2017 (∗Corresponding author)

[J10] Dimitrios Kanoulas, Jinoh Lee, Darwin G.Caldwell, and Nikos G. Tsagarakis, "Visual Grasp Affordance Localization Pointcloud Using Curved Contact Patches,International Journal of Humanoid Robotics, (SCIE, IF: 0.90), Vol. 14, Issue 01, p.1650028, March, 2017

[J09] Maolin Jin, Jinoh Lee*, Nikos G. Tsagarakis, “Model-free Robust Adaptive Control of Humanoid Robots with Flexible Joints,” IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (SCI, IF: 7.05), Vol.64, Issue 2, pp.1706-1715, Feb.2017 (∗Corresponding author)


[J08] Jinoh Lee, Gustavo Medrano-Cerda, Jehyung Jung, “Corrections for “Discretisation method and stability criteria for non-linear systems under discrete-time time delay control,” IET Control Theory & Applications (SCI, IF:3.30), Vol. 10, Issue 14, pp. 1751-1754, Sept. 2016

[J07] Navvab Kashiri, Jinoh Lee, Nikos G. Tsagarakis, Michael Van Damme, Bram Vanderborght, Darwin G. Caldwell, "Proxy-based Position Control of Manipulators with Passive Compliant Actuators: Stability Analysis and Experiments," Robotics and Autonomous Systems (SCIE, IF:2.64), Vol. 75, pp. 398-408, Jan., 2016

[J06] Maolin Jin, Jinoh Lee*, Kyung Kwan Ahn, "Continuous Nonsingular Terminal Sliding-Mode Control of Shape Memory Alloy Actuators Using Time Delay Estimation," ASME/IEEE Transactions on Mechatronics (SCI, IF:3.94), April, 2015, Vol.20, Issue 2, pp.899-909 (*Corresponding author)

[J05] Matteo Laffranchi, Lisha Chen, Navvab Kashiri, Jinoh Lee, Nikos G. Tsagarakis, Darwin G. Caldwell, "Development and control of a series elastic actuator equipped with a semi active friction damper for human friendly robots," Robotics and Autonomous Systems (SCIE, IF:2.64), Dec., 2014, Vol.62, Issue 12, pp.1827-1836

[J04] Jinoh Lee, Pyung Hun Chang, Rodrigo S. Jamisola Jr., "Relative Impedance Control for Dual-Arm Robots Performing Asymmetric Bimanual Tasks," IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (SCI, IF: 7.05), Vol. 61, No. 7, July 2014

[J03] Jinoh Lee, Maolin Jin, Kyung Kwan Ahn, "Precise Tracking Control of Shape Memory Alloy Actuator Systems Using Hyperbolic Tangential Sliding Mode Control With Time Delay Estimation," Mechatronics (SCI, IF: 2.42), Volume 23, Issue 3, pp. 310–317, April 2013

[J02] Jinoh Lee, Changsun Yoo, Yea-Seok Park, Bumjin Park, Soo-Jin Lee, Dae-Gab Gweon, Pyung-Hun Chang, "An experimental study on time delay control of actuation system of tilt rotor unmanned aerial vehicle", Mechatronics (SCI, IF: 2.42), Vol. 22, Issue 2, pp. 184-194, Mar. 2012

[J01] M. Jin, Jinoh Lee, P. H. Chang, and C. Choi, "Practical Nonsingular Terminal Sliding-Mode Control of Robot Manipulators for High-Accuracy Tracking Control," IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (SCI, IF: 7.05), vol. 56, no. 9, pp. 3593-3601, Sept. 2009 

International Conference

[C33] S. Park, Jinoh Lee, KHSeo, M. Jin, "Robust Link Position Tracking Control for Robot Manipulators with Series Elastic Actuators Using Time-delay Estimation", 2019 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2019), May 20-24, 2019, Montreal, Canada (Accepted)

[C32] Rajesh Subburaman, Nikos Tsagarakis, Jinoh Lee, "Online Rolling Motion Generation for Humanoid Falls Based on Active Energy Control Concepts", 2018 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids 18), pp 925-931, Nov. 6-9, Beijing, China

[C31] Cheng Fang, Giuseppe F. Rigano, Navvab Kashiri, Arash Ajoudani, Jinoh Lee, Nikos G. Tsagarakis, "Online Joint Stiffness Transfer from Human Arm to Anthropomorphic Arm", The 2018 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC 2018), pp1453-1460, Oct. 7-10, 2018, Miyazaki, Japan

[C30] Rajesh Subburaman, Jinoh Lee, Darwin G. Caldwell, Nikos Tsagarakis, “Online Falling-Over Control of Humanoids Exploiting Energy Shaping and Distribution Methods”, 2018 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2018), pp448-454, Brisbane, Australia, May 21-25, 2018

[C29] Chan Lee, Jinoh Lee*, Jörn Malzahn, Nikos Tsagarakis, Sehoon Oh, "A Two-Staged Residual for Resilient External Torque Estimation with Series Elastic Actuators," 2017 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids 17), pp817-823, Birmingham, UK, Nov. 15-17, 2017 (*Co-first Author)

[C28] Mohammad S. Aghbelagh, Jinoh Lee, Darwin G. Caldwell, Nikos Tsagarakis, "Inverse Dynamics Control of Bimanual Object Manipulation Using Orthogonal Decomposition: An Analytic Approach", 2017 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2017), pp. 4791-4796, Vancouver, BC, Canada, September 24–28, 2017

[C27] Wan-soo Kim, Jinoh Lee, Nikos Tsagarakis, Arash Ajoudani, "A Real-time and Reduced-Complexity Approach to the Detection and Monitoring of Static Joint Overloading in Humans," 2017 IEEE-RAS-EMBS International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR 2017), pp. 828 - 834, London, UK, July 17-20, 2017

[C26] Cheng Fang, Jinoh Lee, Arash Ajoudani, Chengxu Zhou, Nikos Tsagarakis, Darwin G. Caldwell, "RRT-based Motion Planning with Sampling in Redundancy Space for Robots with Anthropomorphic Arms," 2017 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM 2017), pp. 1612-1618, Munich, Germany, July 3-7, 2017

[C25] Jinoh Lee*, Wooseok Choi, Dimitrios Kanoulas, Rajesh Subburaman, Darwin G. Caldwell, Nikos Tsagarakis, "An Active Compliant Impact Protection System for Humanoids: Application to WALK-MAN Hands," 2016 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids 16), pp 778-785, Cancun, Mexico, Nov. 15-17, 2016 (*Selected Oral Presentation)

[C24] Rajesh Subburaman, Jinoh Lee, Darwin G. Caldwell, Nikos Tsagarakis, "Multi-Sensor Based Fall Prediction Method for Humanoid Robots," 2016 IEEE International Conference on Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems (MFI 2016), pp. 102-108, Baden-Baden, Germany, Sept. 19-21, 2016

[C23] Jinoh Lee, Houman Dallali, Maolin Jin, Darwin G. Caldwell, Nikos Tsagarakis' "Robust and Adaptive Whole-body Controller for Humanoids with Multiple Tasks under Uncertain Disturbances," 2016 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2016), pp.5683-5689, Stockholm, Sweden, May 16-20, 2016.

[C22] Bilal Ur Rehman, Michele Focchi, Jinoh Lee, Houman Dallali, Darwin G. Caldwell, Claudio Semini, "Towards a Multi-legged Mobile Manipulator," 2016 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2016), pp.3618-3624, Stockholm, Sweden, May May 16-20, 2016.

[C21] E.Spyrakos-Papastavridis, Navvab Kashiri, Jinoh Lee, Nikos Tsagarakis, Darwin G. Caldwell "Online Impedance Parameter Tuning for Compliant Biped Balancing,'' 2015 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids 2015), Seoul, Korea, Nov. 3-5, 2015 (Best Interactive Paper Award Finalist)

[C20] Houman Dallali, Jinoh Lee*, Nikolaos Tsagarakis, Darwin G. Caldwell, "Experimental Study on Linear State Feedback Control of Humanoid Robots with Elastic Joints," 11th IFAC Symposium on Robot Control (SYROCO 2015), pp. 138-143, Salvador, Brazil August 26-28, 2015 (*Corresponding author)

[C19] Houman Dallali, Jinoh Lee, Nikolaos Tsagarakis, Darwin G. Caldwell, "A Comparison Study on Link Control of Elastic Joint Robots," ICRA 2015 Workshop on 'Soft Robotics: Actuation, Integration, and Applications - Blending Research Perspectives', Seattle, USA, May 26-30, 2015

[C18] Jinoh Lee, Pyung-Hun Chang, "Redundancy Resolution for Dual-Arm Robots Inspired by Human Asymmetric Bimanual Action: Formulation and Experiments," 2015 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2015), pp.6058-6065, Seattle, USA, May 26-30, 2015

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[C3] Jae Won Jeong, Pyung Hun Chang, and Jinoh Lee, "Enhanced Operational Space Formulation for Multiple Tasks using Time Delay Estimation," in Proc. IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2010), Oct. 2010

[C2] Pyung-Hun Chang, Young-Hwan Kang, Gun Rae Cho, Jong Hyun Kim, Maolin Jin, Jinoh Lee, Jae Won Jeong, Dong Ki Han, Je Hyung Jung, Woo-Jun Lee, and Yong-Bo Kim, "Control architecture design for a fire searching robot using task oriented design methodology," in Proc. SICE-ICASE International Joint Conference (ICCAS 2006), Busan, Korea, pp.3126-3131, Oct. 2006.

[C1] P.H. Chang, J.H. Jung, and Jinoh Lee, "A simple tuning method for robust MIMO PID control," in CDROM Proc. Int. Conf. Electrical Machines and Syst. (ICEMS), PD-11(630-S01-015), 2004. (Best Paper Award)

Ph.D.  Dissertation

Jinoh Lee, "Dynamic Control Strategy of Dual-arm Robot for Asymmetric Bimanual Tasks: a Human-Inspired Approach," Department of Mechanical Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Republic of Korea, 2012

(*updated on 1 February 2019)




Winner of the 2017 Robotics Travel Award: a travel grant offered by the peer reviewed, scientific journal, MDPI Robotics, Oct., 2017
Finalist of the Best Interactive Paper Award: International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids 2015), IEEE Robotics Automation Society, Nov.5, 2015
National Research Grant from Korean Goverment (2013-2014): He has arwaded the 2013 Postdoctoral Fellowship Grants from the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korean Goverment. The Programme, titled as 'Fostering next-generation researchers program', is designed to provide promising young researchers working in a foreign contry with opportunities to improve their knowledge and experience in the fields of Science and Technology, Nov. 2013 - Nov. 2014
Recipient of the IEEE student scholarship: International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2012), IEEE Robotics Automation Society, 2012
Recipient of President Prize: 2006 service robots competition, Developing fire-fighting robot for outdoor operation (as a team work), Republic of Korea, 2006
Recipient of the Best Paper Award: International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems, IEEE Industry Applications Society, 2004
Award for academic excellenceSumma Cum Laude (Top 2%) in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea, 2003


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I numeri di IIT

L’Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) è una fondazione di diritto privato - cfr. determinazione Corte dei Conti 23/2015 “IIT è una fondazione da inquadrare fra gli organismi di diritto pubblico con la scelta di un modello di organizzazione di diritto privato per rispondere all’esigenza di assicurare procedure più snelle nella selezione non solo nell’ambito nazionale dei collaboratori, scienziati e ricercatori ”.

IIT è sotto la vigilanza del Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca e del Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze ed è stato istituito con la Legge 326/2003. La Fondazione ha l'obiettivo di promuovere l'eccellenza nella ricerca di base e in quella applicata e di favorire lo sviluppo del sistema economico nazionale. La costruzione dei laboratori iniziata nel 2006 si è conclusa nel 2009.

Lo staff complessivo di IIT conta circa 1440 persone. L’area scientifica è rappresentata da circa l’85% del personale. Il 45% dei ricercatori proviene dall’estero: di questi, il 29% è costituito da stranieri provenienti da oltre 50 Paesi e il 16% da italiani rientrati. Oggi il personale scientifico è composto da circa 60 principal investigators, circa 110 ricercatori e tecnologi di staff, circa 350 post doc, circa 500 studenti di dottorato e borsisti, circa 130 tecnici. Oltre 330 posti su 1400 creati su fondi esterni. Età media 34 anni. 41% donne / 59 % uomini.

Nel 2015 IIT ha ricevuto finanziamenti pubblici per circa 96 milioni di euro (80% del budget), conseguendo fondi esterni per 22 milioni di euro (20% budget) provenienti da 18 progetti europei17 finanziamenti da istituzioni nazionali e internazionali, circa 60 progetti industriali

La produzione di IIT ad oggi vanta circa 6990 pubblicazioni, oltre 130 finanziamenti Europei e 11 ERC, più di 350 domande di brevetto attive, oltre 12 start up costituite e altrettante in fase di lancio. Dal 2009 l’attività scientifica è stata ulteriormente rafforzata con la creazione di dieci centri di ricerca nel territorio nazionale (a Torino, Milano, Trento, Parma, Roma, Pisa, Napoli, Lecce, Ferrara) e internazionale (MIT ed Harvard negli USA) che, unitamente al Laboratorio Centrale di Genova, sviluppano i programmi di ricerca del piano scientifico 2015-2017.

IIT: the numbers

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) is a public research institute that adopts the organizational model of a private law foundation. IIT is overseen by Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca and Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze (the Italian Ministries of Education, Economy and Finance).  The Institute was set up according to Italian law 326/2003 with the objective of promoting excellence in basic and applied research andfostering Italy’s economic development. Construction of the Laboratories started in 2006 and finished in 2009.

IIT has an overall staff of about 1,440 people. The scientific staff covers about 85% of the total. Out of 45% of researchers coming from abroad 29% are foreigners coming from more than 50 countries and 16% are returned Italians. The scientific staff currently consists of approximately 60 Principal Investigators110 researchers and technologists350 post-docs and 500 PhD students and grant holders and 130 technicians. External funding has allowed the creation of more than 330 positions . The average age is 34 and the gender balance proportion  is 41% female against 59% male.

In 2015 IIT received 96 million euros in public funding (accounting for 80% of its budget) and obtained 22 million euros in external funding (accounting for 20% of its budget). External funding comes from 18 European Projects, other 17 national and international competitive projects and approximately 60 industrial projects.

So far IIT accounts for: about 6990 publications, more than 130 European grants and 11 ERC grants, more than 350 patents or patent applications12 up start-ups and as many  which are about to be launched. The Institute’s scientific activity has been further strengthened since 2009 with the establishment of 11 research nodes throughout Italy (Torino, Milano, Trento, Parma, Roma, Pisa, Napoli, Lecce, Ferrara) and abroad (MIT and Harvard University, USA), which, along with the Genoa-based Central Lab, implement the research programs included in the 2015-2017 Strategic Plan.