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Guglielmo Lanzani

Researcher - Principal Investigator - Center Coordinator
Center Coordinator

Research Line

Nanomaterials for Energy and Lifescience


CNST@PoliMi Milano


+39 022 3999 872
+39 02 2399 9872


Since December 1st 2009 Guglielmo Lanzani is head of the Center for Nano Science and Technology of the Italian Institute of Technology, located in Milan. The center has about 100 people involved into three main research lines: Energy, Bio Materials and Printed Electronics. Since August 2011 he is full professor in Physics at Politecnico di Milano, where he teaches basic physics to first year students and organic photophysics to 5th grade students in engineering. From 1988 to 1991 he was graduate student at University of Pavia and University of Utah. He received his PHD from the University of Genova in 1992 presenting a thesis on non linear spectroscopy of conjugated polymers. After Post-Doc in CNR Bologna, he was researcher at University of Sassari (1994-1999). From 1999 to 2011 he was Associate Professor in General Physics at Politecnio di Milano. 

GL studies radiation matter interaction. The activity has two branches: i) Photophysics. The investigation of photoexcitation dynamics in organic and hybrid semiconductors by optical spectroscopy. ii) Photobiology. How to induce light sensitivity in living cells, tissues and organisms by means of light actuators based on organic molecules. The work is documented by 285 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 4 patents and 175  invited talks at international conferences and institutions (h-index=50 (Google Scholar 2018)).

Major achievements are: i) the realization of a retina implant that has been succesfully tested on rats, showing rescue of visual acuity in genetically modified animals affected by retinitis pigmentosa and the related study of the biotic/abiotic interface showing geneless opto modulation of different type of cells. ii) the description of the photoexcitation scenario in organic semiconductors, including ultrafast thermalization, the charge photogeneration, the vibrational coherent regime and the hot transport processes; During this activity GL has demonstrated optically pumped organic lasers, non linear photodiodes, all optical modulators.


1) The organic retina implant (in collaboration with Fabio Benfenati, NSYN iit, and Grazia Pertile and Maurizio Mete, Sacro Cuore Hospital, Negrar)

2) Geneless optostimulation of cells and tissue. Materials, methods and mechanisms to induce light sensitivity in living cells and control biological functions. (in collaboration with Fabio Benfenati, NSYN iit, Caludia Tortiglione, CNR Na, Giovanna Barbarella and Francesca Di Maria CNR Bo)

3) Artificially enhanced photosynthesis in algae (in collaboration with Gianluca Farinola, U Bari and Cosimo D'Andrea, POLIMI)

4) Edible electronic devices for bio medical applications (in collaboration with Mario Caironi, CNST iit)

5) Ultrafast dynamics in hybrid semiconductors (in collaboration with Annamaria Petrozza, CNST iit)

6) Organic, printed thermoelectric generators ((in collaboration with Mario Caironi, CNST iit)

7) Optoelectronics in hybrid devices (in collaboration with Cesare Soci, NTU Singapore)


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