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Giovanni Maria Matrone

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Giovanni Maria Matrone (Gianmaria) received his Master's degree in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology at the Politecnico of Milan in 2015. During his studies he spent a term as a visiting student at Imperial College London in Prof. Natalie Stingelin’s laboratory. In ICL he developed an organic electronic project, working with conjugated polymers for OFETs and OPV, which constituted the core of his Master’s thesis entitled "Semiconducting:Insulating polymer blends with enhanced ambipolar charge transport”. In April 2016, he joined the Innovative Training Network (ITN) named INterFaces in Opto-electRonic Thin Film Multilayer Devices (INFORM) as an EarlyStageResearcher (ESR). He was also a PhD student supervised by Prof. Natalie Stingelin at Imperial College London, his host institution for the ITN. Participating to this international project he also performed secondments at University of Bayreuth, Technion University of Israel and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). His work focused on structure-property relationship in Bulk-Hetero-Junction BHJ solar cells and generally conjugated polymer. He defended his PhD thesis ( “ Understanding structure-property relationship of bulk heterosexual-junction polymer-fullerene blends”) in September 2019. Soon after, in October 2019, he joined he joined the Tissue Electronics Laboratory at the IIT Naples as Post-doctoral researcher.


Neuromorphic Bio-hybrid platform


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