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Gianluca Lentini

PhD Student Fellow
PhD Student

Research Line

Soft Robotics for Human Cooperation and Rehabilitation


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


Social profiles

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Gianluca Lentini is a PhD student from University of Pisa at Centro di Ricerca E. Piaggio (Pisa - Italia) and Istituto Italiano di tecnologia (Genova- Italia). He graduated in Electronic Engineering at Politecnico di Bari in 2013, then he moved to Pisa where he obtained master degree in Robotics and Automation Engineering in 2017. His main research line is focused on analysis, design and implementation of bimanual teleoperation systems for humanoid robots. In addition, his research interests include Learning from Demonstration for fast and intuitive robot programming.


Selected Publications

  • G. Lentini, G. Grioli, M. G. Catalano, A. Bicchi: "Robot Programming without Coding" IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, May 2020.
  • G. Lentini, A. Settimi, D. Caporale, M. Garabini, G. Grioli, M. G. Catalano, L. Pallottino, A. Bicchi: "EGO: a soft dual-arm mobile platform to enable physical interaction", IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine, 2019
  • G. Zambella, G. Lentini, M. Garabini, G. Grioli, M. G. Catalano, A. Palleschi, L. Pallottino, A. Bicchi, A. Settimi, D. Caporale: "Dynamic Whole-Body Control of Unstable Wheeled Humanoid Robots", IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 2019
  • J. P. Clark, G. Lentini, F. Barontini, M. G. Catalano, M. Bianchi, M. K. O’Malley: “On the role of wearable haptics for force feedback in tele-impedance control for dual-arm robotic teleoperation”, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, September 2018.
  • F. Negrello, A. Settimi, D. Caporale, G. Lentini, M. Poggiani, D. Kanoulas, L. Muratore, E. Luberto, G. Santaera, L. Ciarleglio, L. Ermini, L. Pallottino, D. G. Caldwell, N. Tsagarakis, A. Bicchi, M. Garabini, M. G. Catalano: “Humanoids at Work: The WALK-MAN Robot in a Postearthquake Scenario”, IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine, May 2018.


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